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Thai Railways

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Can I suggest that, if anybody is interested in modelling the railways of Thailand, that they have a good selection of excuses ready for the results that searching for 'Thai models' will bring up..?



Hahahaha excellent!


Daughter has reported back already on the proliferation of folk whose gender credentials are highly questionable.....


The railways of Thailand, Malaysia and above all Indonesia are actually very interesting and would make an amazing model in 1970-90 period especially.

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Had noticed on a display board outside Bangkok main railway station that railways in Thailand, or rather Siam back in the day, started off as standard gauge but were regauged to metre gauge.


A visit to the site of the "real" Bridge on the River Kwai is a must for those of an enthusiast persuasion, a few Glasgow-built steam locos, loco and truck/railcar of Japanese origin (a reminder of WW2) and a Garratt were on display.


There's a small well-hidden railway museum in Bangkok itself. And at Bangkok Noi there's a depot (with a few steam locos in residence for runs up to Kanchanaburi). Thai rail staff don't have a problem with giving foreign devils permission to have a wander around. Not much H & S in evidence.

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