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If you wanted to add some detail with plasticard, the cab side window and passengers windows are split. Window size may be different as is the number of windows before the door (5 versus 6), side name boards and of course a luggage rack. The front destination board is wider and you'd need to add a rear view mirror, indicator, small boxy thing and a new profile where the first passenger window meets the roof of the half-cab....depending on how close you want to get it to that prototype

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On Facebook there is an Irish Model Buses Collectors & Modellers group and I’m sure someone on there could answer your questions.



You probably are aware that George Healey does transfers for UTA buses including destination boards numbers, registration numbers etc. See



I did a conversion way back but this is the only picture I can find at the moment.


<a href=WagonsVehicles010.jpg' alt='WagonsVehicl

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For reference, here is a picture of the rear end of a UTA PS1 bus.




To produce a reasonably accurate UTA PS1 bus from this bus is either nigh on impossible, or would entail major reconstruction, which probably would not be worth the effort. It reminds me of the response from a local on the west coast of Ireland when asked for directions to Dublin. “If I was going to Dublin, I wouldn’t start from here”.

The only ECW bodied busses in Northern Ireland that I am aware of, were in the Londonderry & Lough Swilly fleet, but they were AEC engined.

This model has an Eastern Coach Works body, which bears no resemblance whatever to anything the UTA, or indeed the NIRTB, ever had. The best thing to do if using this as a donor, would just be to add a roof luggage rack, modify the destination box, and paint in UTA livery.

A better donor for conversion would be an EFE Leyland TS8 which at least has the same body profile as UTA bodies. The UTA had one PS1 converted from a rear door to a front door. The pictures below show one version of the EFE TS8, complete with a UTA lookalike livery.




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