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GSWR 52 Class GSR/CIE D17 4-4-0

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The 52 Class were the 1st GSWR Class of 4-4-0 for express passenger traffic, the locos were bumped from the Kingsbridge-Cork & the Killarney passenger workings by the slightly larger 60 Class in the late 1880s, but lasted in main line and branch services into the 1950s. including Kingsbridge-Carlow-Kilkenny and Limerick-Sligo services & branch line services.

I am planning to build two of these locos one for my own uses and a commission and as a change from the 101 Class. I have 5 SSM/TMD J15s at various states from un-built to complete and a rebuild/upgrade into a 52 Class looked like the best option for 191 the oldest member of my fleet started over 30 years ago in 1986.

I am looking at designing a set of etched brass scratchbuilders parts for these locos  as an alternative to a scratchbuild.  The basic idea is to use the parts in conjunction with the SSM GSWR 101 Class tender & castings to complete the locos. 

The parts would allow for option of building the elegant GSWR/early GSR version with raised round top firebox and waisted smokebox or the more plain Jane GSR/CIE version with flush round top firebox and straight sided smokebox.


Class D17 -   1 - GSWR Class 52 4-4-0 - built 1890 by inchicore Works - 1925 to GSR, 1945 to CIE - withdrawn 1953.


Class D17 -   1 - GSWR Class 52 4-4-0 - built 1890 by inchicore Works - 1925 to GSR, 1945 to CIE - withdrawn 1953.


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The design work for the 52 Class kit is reasonably advanced with the option of building the loco with a saturated round topped boiler in GSWR/GSR or CIE condition including variations in cab and the option of large or small tenders.

There was a number of major variations in boiler type within the class in GSR & CIE days. 

This posting is basically to canvas the level of interest in the loco with different boiler and smokebox designs.

1. raised roundtop firebox and waisted smokebox as in the photos of 1, 54 and 98 or

2. straight sided smoke box and  flush round top firebox like 59 (The Tuam engine) similar in appearance to 60 Class 4-4-0 No 64.

The 52 Class is likely to be challenging to build due to the small size of the loco and complex multi level running plate arrangement.

At this stage I am looking at offering the kit as a set of etched parts (similar to Worsley Works) rather than a complete kit with castings, wheels gears and motor.

The chassis and valences will be in 0.4mm nickle silver for strength the remainder of the loco in 0.4mm brass.



Class D17 - 54 - GSWR Class 52 4-4-0, built 1883 by Inchicore Works - 1925 to GSR, 1930 rebuilt with Belpaire boiler, 1945 to CIE - withdrawn 1959

No 54 GSWR/early GSR condition with type B tender


Class D17 -   1 - GSWR Class 52 4-4-0 - built 1890 by inchicore Works - 1925 to GSR, 1945 to CIE - withdrawn 1953.

No 1 GSR condition with type A tender.


Class D17 -  98 - GS&WR Class 52 4-4-0, built 1887 by Inchicore Works - 1925 to GSR, 1936 rebuilt with Belpaire boiler, 1945 to CIE - withdrawn 1954 - seen here at Inchicore in 1948.

98 early CIE condition with extended cab & type A tender. 98 still has GSWR style smokebox with double doors and raised round top firebox.

Class D14 - 64 - GS&WR Class 60 4-4-0, built 1895 by Inchicore Works - 1925 to GSR, 1941 rebuilt with Belapire boiler, 1945 to CIE - withdrawn 1959 - seen here at Limerick Junction in 1938.

60 Class (D14) no 64 with straight sided smokebox and flush round topped boiler.

The 60 Class were built concurrently with the 52 Class were slightly larger and more powerful and took over the principal expresses of the GSWR (Dublin-Cork& Killarney) while the 52 Class worked the secondary routes.

Both classes became largely redundant following the introduction of the AEC railcars though members of both classes survived into the late 50s. The 52 appear to have worked lighter passenger trains over the ex-WLWR lines from Limerick to Waterford & Sligo, and between Kingsbridge and Waterford and branches and the North Wexford line.

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Hi Mayner,

Is there a ball park figure for the etching only kit available at the moment? If it is not to expensive one of each type will be nice to have to start with, Irish kits don't come along very often so it looks like you could build four variations from one kit, if this is so then I might be ale to squeeze out the readies for four of them in that case (its another matter if they get built), but as you are doing all this work the least I can do is to support your efforts in buying some kits,  May I suggest, that if you can supply the technical details about wheel dia  etc for both classes of loco that would help me get the right sizes from Markits or Gibson's when I get around to it.   

I look forward to hearing more about them i n due course.






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HI John,

  Put me down for a Cie version with a B type tender per the photo of No 98. My only reservation would be , will you supply the tender as a part of the kit and the detail castings for chimney, dome etc; and if they are not in the kit will there be an arrangement for SSM to supply?

      Best regards Mick


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