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NIR 111 double heading trials

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Just wanted to ask about NIR doing trials with 111 and 113 in multiple. I understand this is for ballast relaying work due shortly involving spoil and ballast wagons. What I can't my head around is what on the NIR network will require the power of 2 111s to shift?

IE use a single 071 to haul the heaviest freight trains running today, that are the laden tara mines. In permanent way work the most I've seen them haul for practical reasons was 10 laden HOBS and an 071 tailing at the rear on top and tail works.

If anyone has any insight as to what NIR need all that power for I'd love to know.


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I'm not sure if this is the right section to put this in, but 111 worked a recovery service today for 228 which failed while working the 20.50 Enterprise on Tuesday. I took a photo of it as it powered through Dundalk with 228 in tow, which is attached to this comment. I also have a few photos of (8)111, 228 and 074 in Connolly which I took earlier this evening, which I can post tomorrow if ye want to see them!


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Does anyone know why they need two?

And - what is it about NIR that they consistently can't seem to keep just three of a class in reliable use, when IE have for forty years kept 18 of the same class with well above average levels of reliability?

It was the same with the few C class that NIR had in the 1980s, some of which rarely turned a wheel at all; and the trio of Hunslets, though these were nowhere as good a locomotive as anything GM.

For NIR to have double headed superpower on a ballast train of three or four trucks, is like IE putting an 071 or two 141s on the two-coach Ballina branch train. For both out of just a trio to fail, is like Mayo putting in two own goals in the All-Ireland final....

Oh, wait......

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