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News on Hornby?

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Still a different door setup to the Irish Mk3's though. Only the Wessex Electic Mk3's had similar plug type doors as found on the Irish fleet.

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On 4/7/2018 at 3:58 PM, mmie353 said:

I dumped Hornby as a brand 20 years ago and switched to Bachmann. Hornby was the iconic and nostalgic brand that introduced me to toy train sets but their quality, finish, realism and reliability were eclipsed when Bachmann came along and I switched to Bachmann. I know Hornby made up lost ground especially in terms of chassis quality and scale detail, but they are still closer to the 'toy' spectrum than Bachmann Branchline which is superior on every level, and Hornby very expensive for the small boy toy market. I'll give Hornby one thing they were better than Lima's fisher price like toys. I really do hope the company survives as it was an important player in the model train set industry and probably introduced most of us on here to model trains and has a role to play in the future. No train sets under Christmas trees nor for Birthdays = no hobby industry a few decades down the road when the current batch of us either move into care homes or 6ft under.

There is still something magical about building up a basic train set with extra track packs to a functioning layout with stations and scenery.  Has similar developmental benefits to lego and meccano, construction skills, geometry, spatial relations, basic electrics, train operations, art (scenery), etc. Makes for good future DIY'ers too. :) Hope they turn the ship around. 

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