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Stafford Exhibition 2019.

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On 1/14/2019 at 4:45 AM, Mayner said:

Great selection of layouts, interesting to see several models of the Woodhead Route.

Not only were there the many Woodhead layouts, but there were two layouts of Freshwater on the Isle of Wight, one in N and one in 00 - I spent a few minutes looking at each one, wondering where I had seen a similar one before, then looking at the other one and thinking the same..

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13 hours ago, leslie10646 said:

Thanks for sharing this. Quite a variety!

Liked the Swiss picture complete with Dampfschneesclauder (Self-propelled steam snow plough - I've probably spe Deutsch wrong!).

Also the Woodhead line - only the second I can ever remember of this prototype. 

Dampfschneeschleuder - but, I think we got your drift...

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Discussing things with a few people since the exhibition, a few thoughts have come to mind.

A small number of layouts relied on the ambient lighting in the three halls, one of which was a bit dim, hence a few blurry pictures. Having your own bespoke lighting under your own control is probably well worth doing these days.

A couple of the layouts were 'front-controlled', whilst this may theoretically mean that interaction with spectators may be closer, in practise it generally had little benefit in that direction, as the operators were generally too busy - and often just 'in the way'.

The age range of operators did seem to be more scattered than it has been in recent years.


6 minutes ago, Mike 84C said:

Thanks for sharing Jim, I wanted to go but my lovely wife shared her vile cold which I have still got. Hope I can get to Doncaster.  You got some excellent photos, the live steam is ace!

There's always next year.

Dock a few shillings from the housekeeping.....

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