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Hornby 2020 Announcements

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Well not much Golden orange or NIR Blue for most of you boys but me being a small boy growing up in the 80's a quick glance at the cover of the catalogue would of made me jump for joy and this one is no exception but inside some very nice stuff, mostly Vanity buys if I can call it that for me if I am honest!! Now has that Rocket got all wheel pick ups.


Top Models to interest me are: Hush-Hush 10000, APT and the Rocket!


7 Car APT nice price sir!



Other wise not much BR SR for me except the 'Golden Motion' Merchant navy, Not sure who actually buys that stuff. Nice retro packaging on some of the usual models but I imagine these will be got for a few quid off over time as they tended to be overpriced from the start and sit on the shelves for ages.

Not too sure about the tinplate stuff, Appeals to a Certain generation along with the GMRC Steam Punk release. Time will tell if they are good sellers.

Now anyone want an old Hornby APT for 50 notes!


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Yum. Ye Gods if they re-produce some of the metal bodied Hornby Dublo steam era locos, i'll be after a few on those like a shot to join my 50yo HD locos. Almost just to get those yellow card boxes too. Iconic and the pinnacle of model fidelity between the 1940s and late 1960s before Tri-ang appeared with their basic plastic stuff and its fisher price coloured plastics, later Hornby with their novelty gymicks like ducking giraffe heads and royal mail coaches with their mail bag collections and drop offs (have two of those in attic somewhere).

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Yes a Rocket would be nice Eoin, I have the Matchbox 1/76 model which has the correct wheel spacing so wont' sit on oo track but a working one would be just nice. the Triang box is really nice too. I think the Hornby Marketing the Retro style has really hit bullseye here.

Things is that Traing 9F did the rounds about 8 years ago too, just how many do people need!


Spent way to much on toy train last month so will wait for a bit on buying one. Its not like it won't be re issued again some time on the future.


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Aargh, Went into the Long Valley for a Few Beamish, Walked into Marks and came out with a Rocket in the Triang Packaging.

I must admit it Looks Lovely and I hope it works as there is a few that don't on RMWEB it seems!

Appartently Marks got 3!



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