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An.225 into Shannon Tomorrow

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On the Rumor mill for the past couple of days, No A Classes on Board or 121's either before you ask.

I am off for the week, Sweet says I, except the Car does not agree with the idea and wants a visit to the flipping Garage..


The world’s largest aircraft and only six engined transport plane is due to pay an overnight visit to Shannon on Tuesday 9th June and depart the following day. The Antonov An-225 Mriya will be bringing in cargo to be off loaded at Shannon. The crew will stay overnight for a rest period and depart empty to its home base of Gostomel Airport, Kiev in Ukraine. The aircraft has been operating extensively in recent weeks carrying PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) from China and Japan to Canada via Anchorage. The aircraft will have a very busy day on the 9th June, it is due to leave Almaty International Airport in Kazakstan at 01.00 (GMT times) and fly to Baku with an arrival time of 04.30. It will then continue on to Leipzig in Germany at 06.30 with an expected arrival time of 11.30. After a two hour stopover, it will depart for Shannon where it is expected to arrive at 16.45 (local time) on Tuesday afternoon. Currently, the aircraft is scheduled to depart Shannon at 14.30 on Wednesday afternoo

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If you are going down to see it - enjoy - hope they park it somewhere close to the perimeter where the kids can get a good look at it - half of County Clare will be down to look at it today by the sounds of it - F**k all else to do on a rainy wednesday down here!

As I work in Shannon Airport - I've seen this baby a few times - got the full internal tour back in 2013 - cockpit and cargo bay - it is genuinely awesome...........even a 747 looks like a bit of a tiddler beside it.

Best part is actually watching it take off - it needs nearly the full length of Shannons 2 mile runway to take off ..............the ground literally shakes as it takes off so slowly - nearly grazes the roofs in Foynes on the other side of the estuary as it climbs away.


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I was lucky to snap this shot of an A330 on short finals to 06 at EINN some years ago on the Shannon Estuary. I'd love to get a short of the 225 on this approach over the estuary. Wide bodies can look like they are going to land short on the water.


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