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new wagon loads

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Well just when i thought IRM could not surprise us they now have loads available . On their site you can buy a twin pack of CIE containers with different numbers and also a 6 pallet load of fertilizer. These are great items and will be handy for line side loads as well as truck loads . 

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I ordered 2 also, should be shipping next week

Going to have to stagger the As and 121s, potentially looking at all the As up to ST livery and then 121s from the same time period so I hope they don't all sell out in a couple of weeks like the wagons

A few transfers for the fertilizer loads might not go astray if someone were to do a sheet, Albatros, Goulding etc as an alternative for the loads

160 & 192 at New Cross. Co.Wexford, Éire.


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Thanks for posting that. I was looking to post that with the above. I think you'd have to spray that pallet contents yellow first followed by the transfers.

Gouldings, Askeaton, on road transport but I believe that this went by rail also


Spa Transport. Scania 164  480V8


These are the larger bags, I think

Gouldings fertiliser.jpg

Maybe a better shot to suit the existing IRM pallets



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