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C.I.E. Class 33 OO & HO GAUGE

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Cool find, 125 HO scale has the famous Lima coupling. I have two of the 215s, both run at warp speed, one runs ok, the other sounds like a tractor, no need for DCC sound. Back in 1976 I thought these were the Bees-Knees and the Cats Whiskers. The punny buffers looked most un-CIE A class like.

I'll doubt that I'll ever convert them to DCC, they are part of my DC past. :) Lima got the colour right.


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16 minutes ago, burnthebox said:

Hi Noel & thanks, I agree with everything you have said, in fact I still think they are the cats, but I’m only dreaming of a time long ago..! When all I had was the CIE class 33, 


Me too. :) Happy memories.

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22 minutes ago, DiveController said:

Doh! YOU mean the OO scale is on undersized track?

I'll email IRM right away and we can get proper Irish track for proper Irish rolling stock 😀 

What a dilemma for IRM...

After the Mk3 and Mk4 coach sets, the RoadLiner trucks and green buses, and the N Gauge sets that they'll surely launch with an 071 and some Mk3's, they have to decide on whether they'll first launch Irish track, or their HO gauge range!

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