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  1. Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    I've always had a soft spot for the class 60 especially in the triple Grey sector livery. 60070 in re-branded loadhaul was always one I wanted to see released so I guess I will have to have one. I remember seeing her at Peak Forest while visiting family in the UK. The Hornby class 60 is still easily in the top 3 of any 00 diesel models produced to date. Rich,
  2. Paddys Works

    Looks good Paddy top work on the soldering.Glad it went to a good home I always thought it was one of MIR's finest kit's. Rich,
  3. Please vote for IRM!!

    Actually speaking of the bar Seamus I hope there is truth that young Fran is buying pints. Rich,
  4. Please vote for IRM!!

    Voted today men. I actually believe that you will do very well in the polls, you have raised the bar with both models. Rich,
  5. Happy Birthday Fran

    Oh Jaysus Seamus, imagine having to do a bush tucker trial with them on I'm a celebrity. Rich, Happy birthday young fella 21 again. Have a good one pal. Rich,
  6. Forum Admin

    Click browse at the top of the page under the IRM logo click staff and admin is there. Rich,
  7. Well if proof was needed there it is. Thanks for posting the pic Pat we can put that one to bed now. Rich,
  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on here we might not always agree with each others opinion and that is life. My own opinion in regards to Noels post is why when the lad's meticulously investigated the shade of grey on the prototype why would they then use a darkened shade if it wasn't the correct shade of grey for the prototype. I know the lads at IRM and we consider ourselves to be friends so I know how much this means to them. Accuracy is hugely important to the guys they wan't us to have the best model for our buck, simple as that so to suggest that a darker shade would have been more to his liking ( even if inaccurate ) is an opinion I just can't agree with, it really is a strange train of thought to describe the colour used as toy like. If I had put all the work all the effort all the hours under the sun to get this wagon as close as possible to the prototype that kind of post would leave me dismayed. The lads asked for feedback but not to suggest turning out a product of theirs in an inaccurate colour. Going form the pics on here it looks a winner again gents. Rich,
  9. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    It happens all the time Colin it's a shame but it does happen. One of the main reasons I disagree with posts like above is that we have people that come on here and are lurkers they don't post but they like to learn and become more familiar with the hobby. Posts like that can be taken as gospel by some people even if it is a very tiny amount of people and could turn someone off of delving into that side of the hobby thinking that they are going to experience trouble with running re gauged models. Poor pick ups incorrect back to backs can easily be sorted out and would take a short while to put right. I cannot see how re gauging a diesel model of 141 - 181, 071 - 111, 201 classes would cause motor problems and lead to a poor running model. Try and fail then try again, practice don't run before you can walk. We all have to overcome things in life how many of us get behind the wheel of a car for the first time and can drive like Steve McQueen in Bullitt. How many folks start a new job and need to be trained in to operate machinery and after an amount of time can do it with their eyes closed. How many people that started working on the railways could drive a loco, be a signal man, a train guard but were all able to do it after training and practice. Try it lads, well those that are or were contemplating it. As Christy Moore said many years ago it won't do you any harm and it might do you a lot of good. Rich,
  10. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    That sounds a bit vague as you are not giving an exact description of which locos would suffer from poor or erratic running. Are you referring to kit or rtr steam, kit or rtr diesel. It is a common occurrence that anyone could buy a rtr 00 steam or diesel loco with a wobble in the wheelsets or poor back to back measurements it happens regularly so it is not just something that finescale modellers to have to put up with. If regauged properly there should be no problems and if any problems are encountered you work it out and correct the problem like you would a rtr loco. Strange post. Rich,
  11. Jadotville Medal Presentation Ceremony 2017

    Just finished watching the movie and it was an amazing act of duty and heroism by A Company. I am extremely proud of those men and disgusted by the suits especially CCOB. Rich,
  12. Tara Junction.

    It's always so busy and must be hugely enjoyable to operate Noel. I always look forward to updates. It would entice anyone to take up the hobby and is a great advertisement for Irish Rail modelling full stop. Rich,
  13. Before the bullhead rail was lifted in Clonmel all the track approaching and through the station had 4 bolt chairs. Some of the sleepers were 8'6" and some were 9 ft. Get exactoscale chairs they are much better in appearance than the others. Go with 9 ft sleepers also it looks better. Good luck with it Colin it does look fantastic when done. Rich,
  14. Accurascale

    How's the survey going lads. It must be a completely different survey to the one on here a while back relating to Irish models numbers wise, and choices of models due to the sheer number of prototypes to choose from. I have an interest in BR myself having lived in London during the late 80's, especially Hoover's in NSE and EMU's. Looking forward to seeing which models get produced and making a purchase to support Accurascale. Rich,

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