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  1. Popeye's Workbench

    Now that really is in a class of its own,. Absolutely brilliant,. what I wouldn't give for one like that. Very well done.
  2. Behind the scenes at IRM

    Best wishes to four extremely nice gentlemen,. Hope this is a huge success for you also. looks like I'll be parting with the rest of my communion money you already have. Good luck.
  3. murrayec's Projects

    Hi Eoin,. Have to say you work and skills are on a completely different level,. fantastic thread.
  4. The Seige of Jadotville

    Well said Dave,. Shameful to treat our soldiers like that. Little use a medal when some of them went to their grave thinking they were tarnished, when in fact they were Heroes.our government at the time were the cowards for letting them down.
  5. Glenderg's Projects

    Richie ,that is just fantastic,. soooo realistic absolutely stunning , just brilliant. okay niceties over , will you do mine .😀
  6. Robert's Workbench

    thats some work load, I called a halt after building & priming five, with ten more to build. They are a very enjoyable wagon to build. Leslie certainly brought out a winner in this kit and the bullied single beet wagons , fantastic kits. your shade of brown looks very convincing Robbie,,. Great job and very well done.
  7. enniscorthymans workbench

    Lovely job on the double beet wagon, the bullied wagon is very well done. I have just finished building 14 of Leslie's brilliant bullied wagons and was looking to weather them. Your wagon gives me inspiration,the rust effect is great. Thanks.
  8. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    That's a fantastic piece of weathering on the bubbles by tony Mirolo. Really like that look, great work.
  9. GoPro Fun - Ride on a model train

    Noel,. that was a pleasure to watch, wasn't sure what to make of it at the start,. but getting a cab view of your fantastic range of stock and layout,. Well it puts a lighthearted element into a sometimes serious hobby. Keep the videos coming please. Thanks.
  10. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Noel, that's smashing looking ,. very well done.
  11. Robert's Workbench

    Sorry . I meant very nice robert. to busy looking at the photo of the double beets.
  12. Robert's Workbench

    Very nice Jason,. They really are a pleasure to build I find. The colour on yours looks smashing. any idea on how you'll approach the weathering.
  13. Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Fair play Noel,. weathering looks very tasty, . Don't know if I have the cohones to do that just yet. you have really immersed yourself into air brushing and scratch building with great results,. well done.
  14. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Finally got the chance to give my bubble wagons a good inspection,. WOW ,. the level of detail is just outstanding, these wagons are exceptional . A big thank you must go to the four lads for bringing this community such amazing wagons,. Without their enthusiasm and commitment for our hobby ,.! well the wagons speak volumes. Thank you . Stephen,Fran,Patrick& Richie. ps as usual don't know if posted in right place.
  15. Forgot to add , that's another great deal for the show which I will be availing of, sorry for taking my last post slightly off topic.

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