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  1. John-r

    Latest Weathering Project Complete

    That's some fantastic weathering,. you must be very pleased with them,. whoever did it for you certainly knows their stuff. like you I wouldn't chance it myself no way would it turn like this. Enjoy.
  2. Lovely looking wagon lads,. Wish you every success with this . I hear a few packs calling me .
  3. Like most of the views so far, I would also like to know in advance, It gives me time to find were I hid me communion money.
  4. John-r

    enniscorthymans workbench

    Lovely job on the weathering,. very well built also. I found them very nice to build as well.
  5. A truly outstanding model,. many thanks to you all for making this happen. The orange livery.just shades it for me really class.
  6. John-r

    Please vote for IRM!!

    Done. That was a very difficult choice ballast or bubble,. Best of luck with results.
  7. John-r

    Tara Junction.

    Once again,. what a fantastic layout ,. so full of life. The etched wipers really make a big improvement, great job.
  8. John-r

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Noel, what a fantastic job on the Gsv,. You rightly should be very proud of this achievement . Very well done.
  9. John-r

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Hi all,. To the uninitiated what is the main visual or otherwise difference with 21 MM. Gauge and oo gauge. I have never given it much thought or read much about it before this thread as it looked way above . what I could do.
  10. Happy birthday John, your only a lad, 



    1. John-r


      Cheers dave thanks very much for the wishes.

  11. John-r

    High end R-T-R Dutch van. ( rebuilt)

    Right so , a high end rtr Dutch van doesn't seem to ruffle to many feathers,. and I thought like Richie they would shift in their millions 😂 . Okay plan B now this is not about who makes the unrebuilt van ,but is the sf van of the right shape and look as I really can't tell ,would much work be needed if not. Secondly dc kits are not stocking the rebuilt Dutch van any more, so I was thinking does this also have the right look and feel about it ,and if so if enough people expressed interest could doc kits be approached about a small run, or as jm replied contact a professional model maker. I can also see it would have to be cost effective for anybody to give it a go. like i say if enough expressed intrest we could go from there. bit long winded this reply , sorry about that. also if anyone wants to pm me their personal view on the current available dutch vans I would maybe prefer this as I don't want to offend anyone, just maybe buy 3/4 vans that's all.
  12. Hi all, . Didn't want to take the mk2a thread off topic,. so thought I would throw this about and see what happens. Now I could be wrong , but I think there are more than a few likeminded people as well as myself who would . really like to see the above Dutch van ,in my case both unrebuilt and rebuilt being produced to a high spec, . Preferably by the IRM team. ( no pressure lads) . Maybe if we had enough intrest the lads or someone . might give it some serious consideration ( just a thought) and not trying to take anything away from what . the lads are planning. I know in the recent poll the Dutch van didn't make any waves, . But maybe just. maybe someday ? . regards john
  13. WOW,. They look brilliant,. your right Fran the detail on the chassis really stands out,. Glad I ordered these as well. great work guys.
  14. John-r

    Popeye's Workbench

    Now that really is in a class of its own,. Absolutely brilliant,. what I wouldn't give for one like that. Very well done.
  15. John-r

    Behind the scenes at IRM

    Best wishes to four extremely nice gentlemen,. Hope this is a huge success for you also. looks like I'll be parting with the rest of my communion money you already have. Good luck.

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