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  1. RobertRoche

    Robert's Workbench

    Start of a possession to spread some freshly laid ballast on the bench test track.
  2. RobertRoche

    Murphy Models 071 with sound chip won't move

    Thanks everyone for the replies, I've had the Elite for a long time now and there are definitely superior systems out there.
  3. RobertRoche

    Murphy Models 071 with sound chip won't move

    I tried the loco on the NCE Powercab tonight and it ran fine. I have the Hornby Elite at home so I will try it on that again at the weekend. It had run fine on the Elite previously. I have read of this issue with the Loksound chip but not sure why it may have occurred now. Powercab might be on the list next!
  4. I have a Murphy Models 071 with MM sound chip in it (loksound V1.3) that won't move. The lights and sound work, but no movement from the motor. It works on DC and I have reset the chip (CV8=*8). Has anyone come across this?
  5. RobertRoche

    Robert's Workbench

    Thank you, it'll be another while before they are done.
  6. RobertRoche

    Robert's Workbench

    Main decals done tonight. Now have to design a few additional details, print and put on. Indoor lighting used and decals not sealed yet.
  7. RobertRoche

    Murphy Model spares

    I would take spare horns for 141/071, possibly detailing kits and handrails to have as spares.
  8. RobertRoche

    Robert's Workbench

    Thanks everyone...there is a lot of detail on them, and I'm going to have to print one or two extra decals for them also. I used Humbrol No. 69 acrylic on these as discovered somewhere else on this forum. It is not a direct match to the Bachmann model as it appears to be a touch lighter in person. I had not used Humbrol acrylics before and was not impressed...they sprayed nicely but 6 weeks after the final coat I am not sure that the paint has fully hardened. Will stick with Tamiya acrylics in the future, and Humbrol enamels.
  9. RobertRoche

    Robert's Workbench

    Starting on the decals from SSM. Bachmann offering in the back, repaint in the front.
  10. RobertRoche

    Robert's Workbench

    I was experimenting with printing my own decals this weekend using Mr Decal Paper. What are the options for making decals with white text on a clear background? The Wexford Bus has white text on the windows. If I was doing the speed van again, I would use decals for the chevrons and blue & yellow panels.
  11. RobertRoche

    Murphy Models items for sale - 071/181/201

    Will PM you about the MK2Ds
  12. RobertRoche

    Aerodynamic train lab

    These guys seem to have a pretty cool job.
  13. RobertRoche

    Video Website Updates

    RPSI No. 85 'Merlin' & The Sea Breeze in Wexford and Rosslare - 6th August 2018
  14. RobertRoche

    barrow street

    Some very atmospheric shots there,, especially with the lone van in the yard. That is a lot of plasticard.
  15. RobertRoche

    building material finishes

    http://www.paperbrick.co.uk/ Lets you create your own brick patterns. It might be of interest.

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