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  1. GSWR 52 Class GSR/CIE D17 4-4-0

    As its on the to do list put me down for both,depending on price Andy.
  2. Walker Diesel Class F - ECMbuild in 4mm for OOn3

    Mikes stopped doing complete bogies but i believe he still supplies castings,i'd love to post photos but havn't a clue howto Andy.
  3. Walker Diesel Class F - ECMbuild in 4mm for OOn3

    It does make up into a nice bit of kit.Mine has a pair of motor bogies from Mike Chinery which does give it a bit of poke.Really needs a West Clare layout to run on,but has to make do with Castlederg or Arigna still you never know!Andy.
  4. Southampton Model Railway Exhibition.

    Bit far for most,but the Southampton show on the 28/29th of January,features two Arigna layouts,David Holsmans 7mm "might have been" and my 4mm "was".I know you wait years for a model of Arigna and two turn up at once! Andy.
  5. I've been doing research into Courtmacsherry and in the process noted that the area on the outskirts of Courtmacsherry was known as Siberia now as the line passes through it would that make the trains the trans siberian express(Yes i know express is definitely pushing, but the princple remais)Need get a move on with this layout as its already invited to Warley 2018,what larks! Andy.
  6. Arigna Town in 2016

    Looking forward to seeing it at Ally Pally,i'mthere with Valencia.The Southampton people are keen to get you to theiir show the same year i take my Arigna ,that should cause a bit of confusion.Andy

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