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Lovely old photo Wexford

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That will be a Wexford - Rosslare local, probably. The two carriages are green and the tin van filthy "silver", so it's 1958-62 or very close to that. You've a GSWR 1906-era third class coach and a comparatively modern (post-1956-ish) laminate. The loco is as grubby as one would expect..... The cars are (left) a comparatively new (1960?) Austin A35, and what I suspect may be a 1950/1/2 Ford Prefect (right, partly out of sight).  A Ford "Thames" (or maybe VW?) van crosses the level crossing behind the train; with all these clues I'm going to say it's definitely 1961 or 1962.

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The photo was taken by Jack Patience in August 1960. The engine is J 15 No. 182. It is a Wexford North - Rosslare local service and the picture is reproduced in his book "CIE 1958 to 1962". The postcard version (which I assume the above is) is one of a smallish selection of cards that used to be on sale at the old Transport Museum in Witham Street in the 1960's. 

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10 hours ago, DiveController said:

Thanks for the info on the cars. Before my time, maybe more my parents era but used to hear my dad talk about them. I often wish there was a forum on Irish cars so that we could find appropriate vehicles to go with older layouts in particular (even if most of them will have British plate on. 

If only there was some organisation somewhere with the facilities to produce suitable vehicles...

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This photo was published in the Railway Magazine for May 1961, the caption reads 'Train for Rosslare, headed by "J15" no. 182, running along the front at Wexford on August 14' 

Theres a few other interesting photos published with it including one of 184 on an IRRS special at Ballylinan, Ill scan it in if anyone is interested

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On 16/9/2021 at 3:07 AM, Wexford70 said:

When did these local services end?

The  Wexford-Rosslare local trains ceased in the late 1970s possibly 78.

In its final years the train seems to have operated as a summer only service for holidaymakers , the train was worked by the loco of the Dublin-Wexford Newspaper train (B141+ bogie parcels van) working down in the early hours of the morning delivering the Dublin morning newspapers returning in the evening after working the last Rosslare Harbour-Wexford local. 

During the final season the coaches  of the local were used to form an additional late evening Wexford-Connolly passenger that followed the evening Rosslare-Connolly passenger, returning in the morning as an passenger/newspaper train.

I saw the local/empty newspaper train in the loop at Wexford during a summer holiday day trip by rail in the summer of 77 or 78  from Dublin to Waterford by Limerick-Junction home by Rosslare Strand. 

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