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Containers: Dong Fang

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Dapol Dong Fang 20' box.

Print quality is not as bad as usual, love the opening doors, not a fan of the moulded body-coloured locking bars.

Thanks to @MOGUL for letting me know about these! Any info or phoros that anybody would like to share, eras, routes, contents etc, please feel free to do so!



2024-01-03 15.30.02.jpg

2024-01-03 15.31.01.jpg

2024-01-03 15.30.31.jpg

2024-01-03 15.30.53.jpg

2024-01-03 15.30.16.jpg

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42 minutes ago, Rob said:

They were still on the go over the last couple of years but rare enough- usually one or so on any one train.

@MOGUL would no doubt know exact dates?

Didn’t realise I had been nominated the in house expert on Dongs..

2005 to present, so too late for IE unit load but they do lease to a good few shipping lines including COSCO who are their parent and CMA.. More widespread around 2015-2020 but still in liners, we just do less 20ft biz now

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