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Bowser Alco C630

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Some pics of my latest arrival as requested, a Bowser Alco C630. Thought it would look good running with my Athearn U50. It's my 1st Bowser model so I was interested to see how it stacked up.


On the plus side the detail and paint is very good. It's very heavy and is the usual all wheel drive and has LED lights. Sadly it's let down by the woeful handrails, which on one side are seriously distorted. I have seen pictures elsewhere of other Bowser locos suffering from this. Athearn get stick for their handrails but none of mine are anywhere near as bad as these. I will have to look at replacing them.


Anyway, the pics!













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The Bowser C630 was originally produced about 10 years ago by Stewart Hobbies. I went through a Western Maryland phase in HO mainly using their locos and stock in HO which I found above average for the time in general standard of detail and quality.


Apart from the big Alcos the produced a range of Kato powered F Units, some interesting Baldwin road switchers and switchers and very nice coal hoppers.

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Nice model Fran' date=' it resembles the grey livery IE have used on 077. Could the handrails be removed and reshaped after a dunk in some warm water.




Might be worth a go rich. Also look out for some pics of the Dapol Western when it arrives in the next couple of weeks ;)


Correct John, it still has Stewart stamped on the bogies. It's a lovely loco but the handrails are a letdown as I said. Still, should be easily fixable one way or another.


Nice detail overall though!

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