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Nice shots man. I know how you feel. I stood in the local station for a couple of hours on Thursday and it was railcars all the way. I was thinking about how not so long ago all those intercity services were loco hauled and from an enthusiast point of view it was much more interesting. It's a bummer for us but to be fair the ICRs are nice to travel on and progress is progress.

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Oh boy what a morning trying to get a good pic of 088.

Done a few practice shots 083 looking good at the fuelling point, Hueston bound railcar and the Morning service on the south tipp line, but really struggled with the pics, so tried the other fav spots

The cutting in Ferrybank no good, tried the station platform but found it closed and nobody about. When t over the border to my usual spot, a quick text to warn the KK boys of her movements and danna she arrived.



Dub railcar


Tipp railcar


088 @ Plunkett


088 @ Newrath


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Lovely job Fran, looking forward to the video. 088 looked really well with the cpw's. So what do you think of the grey 071's up close?


It looked superb, didn't make a great deal of fuss leaving with that heavy load so looks like they did a thorough job on her. I like the grey, something very 70s Southern Pacific SD40T-2 about them. Just needed another few locos coupled up for a nice lash-up! :)

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Well after an eventfull evening with a loco and an ICR failing,it wasn't possible to get 077 and 088 alongside each other as when I checked at Ballyhaunis 077 was at the wrong end of the HOBS train-so I concentrated on 088-here she is after arrival in foggy Ballina station at 21:05








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Lovely shots, great to see semaphore signalling still in action in Waterford. Take the shots of them while you can lads, that 150 year old technology will have it's day and be gone before you know it.


A few years back, by pure good chance I managed to photograph the Ennis semaphore system literally 12 hours before the entire thing was ripped out. There at 9:00pm and literally no trace at 10:00am the following morning....

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tom- where do you take the shots from?


O79 was taken from Newrath no 2 level crossing just off the old Dublin rd

The ones of the yard are taken from various points along the wall basically camera in the air and hope for the best. I also use the grassy bank on the other side of the dual carriageway if im using the bigger camera plus its handy to figure out where everything is.

The main gates to the yard are handy for the just arrived timbers as the they use the old cement siding.

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