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Malware problem

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Agreed with Garfield. Vista does have horrendous CPU usage in comparison to Windows 7 so you could try going to start>run type in msconfig, hit enter. Go to the startup tab up top and unclick any boxes without a description, unwanted startup programs, or stuff you do not need regularly. This stops the loading of unneccesary programs on startup, and should improve startup and general performance.





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I run Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes (free version) in Vista as a result of advice from a highly-experienced geek friend. He did copious testing with various virus samples and decided that they were the best - and they don't conflict with each other, so you can run both. I've had no real trouble since. With the free Malwarebytes you do have to remember to update it now and then and it needs to start the internal scan manually as well, to get an auto-scan requires the payed version.


I would point out that my geek is generally anti-Microsoft and was almost annoyed when it did so well in his tests.

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Should I get rid of AGV after I install MSE.They could clash I persume.
Don't imagine that I actually know anything. I vaguely remember that there was a clashing issue that prompted his tests of the various free systems available, but, apart from the MSE MWB combination being the best result, I can't remember much else.


This is from a couple of years ago, but his opinions are unchanged today. http://www.staffordforum.com/xf/index.php?threads/which-anti-virus-my-findings.4314/

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Get a Mac, you don't have to bother with all that virus/anti-virus nonsense.


Flashback virus last month, clobbered 600,000 of those bloated & over priced iTurds.


Vista is a pain. Arguably the worst Microsoft operating system so far.


Windows 8 beta unfortunately.

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