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1st attempt at a re-spray, Mark III

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This is my first attempt at a re-spray so far, nearly finished, I have to add decals tomorrow & paint the back doors at both ends, I know your suppose to take the body off but I've no idea how & was afraid I'd crack the glass so I did things the hard way, I need to touch up around the window edges & remove some primer from the glass on some panels, Feedback will be welcome guys! :D









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I know your suppose to take the body off but I've no idea how & was afraid I'd crack the glass so I did things the hard way


Not bad for a fellow goin about things the hard way in fairness! Your right though Rebel, taking the roof off is when you discover adrenalin is brown.


To remove the roof of the Limas, pop a phase tester/thin screwdriver into the exit door glazing, get in under and gently lift it up slightly. The roof separates slightly at that point, so pop in a stanley knife blade to hold it open at the crack. Move the blade along to the far end of the coach to "pop" any glazing stuck to the sides and leave it at the opposite end to where you inserted the phasetester.


Repeat the same on the opposite side of the coach, and you should end up with stanley knife blades popping out all over the shop. As long as one end of the coach has "come free" then you can lift it up and out. It's a tricky operation and expect to lose a few door windows on the way!



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Practice makes perfect mate I never bust any windows. You have to follow the instructions exactly to the letter. If you try to take short cuts you could end up breaking the coach body/windows. Always remember Lima coaches are like a lady, you must treat them very gently. :o

BR blue Mk3's are the most brittle for some reason.

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Rebalred, that's a fine piece of work, well done, thanks for posting your efforts, no instructions, teaching, training, coaching, ( pardon the pun ) maybe someone on here ( experts ) might give some tutorial on how to re-spray, & while we'er at it, how to dismantle the coaches, without loosing fingers, eyes, etc.

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Thats a great job on the Mk3 coach-well done.

Thanks for the compliments/feedback & mental images of womens under carraiges!!! I finished the her today despite two little ones pestering me to help:((



Im happy enough with the paint finish but the windows were a pain in the backside so thanks for the tips on removing the roof windows, The stripes were a pain too as they kept breaking when manovouring & smoothing them out, I only noticed its out of line in one part when I looked at the photo, also, i was one window frame short so had to improvise, im sure ye've spotted it already!! these little things annoy me :eek:

Thanks again for the kind words



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