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Where to photograph freight flows

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I will be in Galway city in July. I'd like to see and photograph freight action. Would I get some decent freight flows at Claremorris or would I need to go up to Ballina?


Claremorris is an excellent location-but be prepared for a long wait between freight trains typically between 08:45-12:00 and 13:45-18:50 and depending on what day you choose.

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Thanks. Is it best to just sit on the platform and wait? Any idea what day of the week would be most productive? Also would it be worth the drive from Galway to see whats going on at Ballina freight yard?


Monday and Tuesday,Thursday and Friday are usually good days for freight operations,

Yes a visit to Ballina in the afternoon e.g-14:00-20:00 can produce some shunting operations with loco changes taking place,

If you do decide a day to visit give me a pm and I'll let you know what's happening as it can change on a weekly basis.

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If I can't master the wife's camera she'll have to do the necessary for me. Imagine me shouting "Quick, get a photo of the grey 071" and the Mrs turning to me with a blank stare on her face as the aforementioned 071 trundles by in the background.

Looks like it'll be a crash course in loco identification for the Mrs with Mr Murphy's finest.

If I end up hitching back to Galway you'll know that the Mr and Mrs trainspotting team came off the rails.

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IMG_0445.jpg 083 chocked and turned off having deposited the DFD's through the level crossing on to the Killala branch

IMG_0417.jpg DFD's being propelled by 083

IMG_0423.jpg218 prior to running round the Acryno's to the far end of the train

IMG_0437.jpg A busy day at Ballina

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Very nice pics there, Not been down to Ballina for a while myself, should really make the effort and get some pics myself, I'm about 40 mins drive from Ballina. The station layout looks like it could have potential for a terminus to fiddle yard layout, I think I have a track plan somewhere that was published in Railway Modeller a few years ago.


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yep a really good day was had by all concerned. Did Kiltimagh on way up (see earlier photo) and Foxford. Got more photos but some will not load as the files are too big. This includes a better photo of the wheel chocks on 083 and a road/rail vehicle at Foxford. Might try photobucket with these. Well worth the trip up from Galway and back. Only drawback is that the station toilets at Ballina close until a passenger train is due, so be warned!!! The site at Ballina definitely seems too small for the amount of goods traffic going in and coming out of the yard. At one time there were four container trucks queueing to get into the yard. Trucks loaded with timber were allowed to jump the queue as they were able to self discharge at the far end of the site. Anyway back home to Donegal today so no more trains for awhile!

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