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GSWR ballast hopper

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While doing some research with Barry of Cambrian Models he mentioned the GSWR ballast hopper at Downpatrick stating it appears to be pretty much identical to the GWR P22 hopper that he is about to add to his range. One difference he pointed out was the pictured one is riveted though, and the GWR one was welded.




So not one for the rivet counters then...

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They will make nice little addition to anybody's layout. Anybody know of the hoppers that are pulled by NIR GM's they really would look the part behind 8112 8113


There are FIVE threads on this forum titled "NIR Ballast Wagon" or variants where you'll find the answer. "Search" and ye shall find Liver :)

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They are HO is there much of a difference in size

I don't know about these wagons, but I had the misfortune of purchasing some Lima HO coaches on eBay advertised as OO. They're noticeably different, by my calculations maybe 30% change in volume or more depending on how you look at the math. Basically they'd be about 14% smaller in each dimension (cubed)…. but the eye can be deceived in many things…….

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