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Attempt to derail a train in Yorkshire.

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Will have to await the outcome of police investigation to establish if this was just darwinian criminal thugs, or a well planned terrorist attack. If the latter the implications are extremely worrying for rail transport.


Too small scale, methinks. If you wanted to do that on a railway, the tonnage/speed of the train would be weaponized in a critical area to create more havoc and loss of adjacent trains, buildings, infrastructure. We've already seen attacks of the Spanish and Japanese rail networks. Individuals have routinely thrown bricks and other objects at trains from elevated positions such as the Glanmire tunnel approaching Kent station and even tied a poor donkey to the rails at one point. Incapacitating the driver of a train approaching a station could have profound consequences although I presume the locomotive still has some form of 'dead man's handle' (pardon the expression)

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