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Axle carrying wagons

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Looking for close ups of the 2-axle and bogie versions of the axle-carriers that operate out of Limerick, and I've seen them around Inchicore, and occasionally out in Fairview. I'm assuming they might also make an appearance at Drogheda and Portlaoise depots?


Are bogie sets ever carried by rail here?


Thanks in advance, Dave

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Great pics Glenderg! Does the bogie carrier ever leave Limerick on the transfers?




Here is the wagon being unloaded.


finish 004.jpg


Great shots Richie, you must have some 'library'. I take it these are specially constructed cradles that sit on top of the wagon? I like the 4 wheeled version.


36 gigabytes at last count, and plenty yet to be filed away. Always on the hunt for more :)


They appear to be 20' long and 8'2" wide to suit the 42' flats. Each time I try and figure out the profile of the wheel supports, it just makes my head hurt, and you'll need to make 21mm wheels too :(

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Some of the best ones I could find.










Wheels are delivered to Laois Depot and Drogehda by road.


Fairview used to get bogies via rail but I say its wheelsets by road now like the other depots.



http://www.thewandererphotos.com/2006photos/November-2006/i-7DM7M9s - I got bowled by a 8100 unit here so not the shot I had hoped to get.


The Wanderer.

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