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Message limits.

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I got a warning yesterday that I was approaching 90% of my message storage limit here, so I had a good clear-out of old stuff that I don't really need to have any record of. It might be worth others knowing that this limit exists and to keep an independent record of any info that they might want to retain access to, in case they delete the wrong message when they get the warning.

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The platform limit at the moment is 500 messages, and there are about a dozen users in the mid to high 400's....


If it's felt the limit should be higher, just let us know :)


I'm OK with it, I just felt that people might be warned, in case they do have stuff there that they could accidentally lose in a rushed clear-out.

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Does that mean the comments deleted are left in the thread they were posted in or are they deleted from the thread


This is about the Private Message system between individuals - not the public, open threads.


You haven't been here long enough to clog it up with rubbish, like I have....

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