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Fleischmann gone into insolvency/ No more HO scale from 2019.

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See link in German.




You need Google translate.


This only refers to the 33 staff that were retained at this one facility and to the pension regime of those and other employees already terminated.

The functions previously performed by these people will now be assumed by personnel at Modellbahn GmbH directly.

Basically, Fleischmann now exists only in name as the Brand for Roco N scale and for select HO products.

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Here's the translated text, courtesy of Google Translate (so it's far from perfect...):


HEILSBRONN - again shaken a bankruptcy crisis plagued model railway industry: High pension costs have the traditional, formerly based in Nuremberg model railroad builder Gebrüder Fleischmann GmbH & Co KG prompted to file for insolvency at the district court Ansbach.


The insolvency proceedings to be carried out in self-administration, ie the Management reserves the final say in the company, which now has its headquarters in Heilsbronn. The operation will continue in the previous extent without interruption, they say. Fleischmann belongs since 2008 to the Austrian model railroad holding company, whose portfolio also includes the Roco brand is distributed.


The brothers Fleischmann GmbH & Co KG currently employs 33 employees who design model trains at the site Heilsbronn and construct. The models are built then in the production network with the brand Roco in Romania and Slovakia.


In particular, the pension costs for former employees have led to over-indebtedness of the company, explained with tungsten Haböck, spokesman for the group. The remaining 33 employees of the Frankish society in any event, not be able to generate the occupational pensions of more than 600 former Fleischmann-employees, emphasized Haböck. These expenses would have recently increased again dramatically. They would affect the budget of the Company so massive that an indebtedness vorliege.


The retirees and employees with pension plans going but not yet in the insolvency of the company emphasizes.


These payments would be borne by the competent Pension Assurance Association PSVaG. Headed negotiations with the institutions have in the past led to no result.


Fleischmann is considered the great traditional German brand in the DC segment. In the footsteps of H0 and N are now around 15 million euros a year in Germany, but increasingly sold internationally. In weddings, the company had more than 700 employees.

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Sad news indeed but, for me, the demise of Fleischmann began back in 2008 when it became part of Modelleisenbahn GmbH. Most of the models I've bought, and continue to do so, are pre-2008. There's so much competition in the market for German model trains that someone was always going to lose out. I'm sorry that it had to be Fleischmann. Luckily for me, I've managed to build a collection big enough to keep me going. There will always be the few models that got away but, that's how it goes in this business.

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Life most manufacturers, models are produced in countries where labour costs are must lower and so it the quality of the product.


Seriously? While there's no disputing the standard of the models Fleischmann produced in Germany, the quality of RTR models in general is higher than it has ever been before, and the overwhelming majority of these products are produced in China.

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the quality of RTR models in general is higher than it has ever been before, and the overwhelming majority of these products are produced in China.

In general I think you're correct. New technologies such as 3-D scanning and CAD have helped but execution of the plan with a semi-skilled workforce and poor quality controls is where the problem begins. A significant proportion of toys manufactured in China are recalled usually for substitution of substandard or toxic materials, substandard production or assembly. I am pretty sure this German company had pretty tight control on its quality assurance. I'm not so sure that this has been the case with producers of Irish outline models commissioned in China.

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How did we get to here? I thought this was about 'Fleischmann applying for insolvency'?


Yeah, kind of wondering meself.


For the hard of hearing, it's quite simple. They have too many pension contributions and so instead of being Fleischmann Loadsamoney ltd. they are going to be Fleischmann buggerallcash ltd. and let the german government pick up the bill for the pensioners.


Poor aul Angela....and the sweet face on her an all....

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I believe it was furnished in response to a request for references/resources that now seem to be increasingly 'required' to support either a statement of opinion or fact on the site.


Actually, I asked because I was interested in reading more on the topic.


Edit: Thanks to GSR800 for posting the link.

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