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J.W. Sutherland Slides

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Some great photos from the seventies here. I don't know if the link has been posted here before but its certainly worth another look.


Thanks for posting that link, Patrick... a wonderful mix of Black & Tan and Supertrain, often running together. :)

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Super photos. Really enjoyed the trip back in time!:tumbsup:


Agree - Loads of loose coupled unbraked goods wagon formations with brake vans, corrugated wagons, vans, Black and Tan, not a double bogie to be seen, few boring containers, nostalgia memories of what freight and passenger trains once were. My favourite era. Operationally very interesting and diverse compared to what followed after 1980. Can't stop progress but can't help liking all the shunting, running around trains, intricate track work, turn tables, and wonderful little goods yards at every station now long lost.

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Does anybody know what the van behind the A class in galway is. The roof has some bits on it suggesting it may have been a heating type van as opposed to just a luggage van or P&T van. Also does anybody know if it was a bogie van, twin axil or three axil setup?


It has a very distinctive side profile with the vertical upper section sloping outwards as it falls before the lower tumblehome. The same van seems to appear again in the Westport station pic.







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