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Original Bredin coach drawings

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Thanks Richie, but even from your vast photo archive you can't produce a close up of the ventilators probably because no one thought to photograph them. The current vents on sale are Ridged dome, Scalloped dome, Torpedo and Shell and a quick Google search for Flettner ventilators on railways coaches suggest a different shape to those mentioned above. As a modeller the first thing you see of a coach is the roof so it's nice to get it right. Apologies JB for taking your thread in a different direction.

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I did do a google image search and the only coach that has a similar type vent is the ambulance coaches, akin to a flat top hat. I've looked through my library and there are only torpedo and dome type to be seen. If it were me, I'd go with the dome type, as I have a feeling the Flettner reference is to do with the internal mechanism (passive rotating vent) rather than the shape of the current van mounted type. Hopefully someone might have a fixed answer on it though :)

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It's a former GSWR six wheeled full parcel brake / passenger brake van of late 1880s vintage. At least two of these wooden six wheelers received black'n'tan, lasting thus (primarily, I think, on the Galway line) to the late 1960s. They were the only six wheelers ever to be repainted into Black and Tan. No passenger carrying six wheel coaching stock was ever thus repainted; the last survivors remaining green until their final withdrawal (in Cork) in early 1964.

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