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071 on Done Deal

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€40 more expensive than recent retail prices


Was thinking the same myself - the Irish retailers are providing excellent value for money on these models. But you know the way the market works and someone out there may well be prepared to pay above the odds.

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You can get them for little more than half that..... and he's wrong about the livery - it would have been well into the 90s before they got the tippex waistline and orange stripe under the cantrail....


They got that livery much earlier than the mid 90s. The last Cravens to be painted into that livery was around 1995 and it was on an ITG 201 double head special. They did start in 1987 with the IR re branding of Irish Rail. Just took 8 years to re paint all of the Cravens.

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I should clarify - I meant mid 90s before ALL were done, and also that they didn't start them straight away in 1987 like the others stock.... The rebranding generally was from 1987 as you say, when IE was form, but for some reason while locomotives, Mk 2 and Mk 3 stock hot the "tippex" ASAP, they didn't seem to start on the Cravens for a while. Mind you when they did, it was done reasonably quickly. I've pics of a Craven still in the old style in 1996, but they were extremely few and far between then. I saw one at Connolly, I think, in the middle of others which had been "tippexed". The BR vans were amended only by the addition of a single tippex line below the waist, and this likewise didn't happen immediately after 1987.


More than a few "A", 141 & 181 class locomotives acquired the new "set of points" logo on ends and sides engine getting the white stripes. Money was tight and full IE livery would await the next repaint. All of the 121s were repainted fully.


Thus, livery wise, in say 1993 we had -


Mk 2 & 3 stock: with and without tippex

Cravens: black'n'tan and tippex

A class: Supertrain, supertrain with IE logo, and IE full tippex livery

141 / 181: as above

121: CIE or tippex


Quite a variety!

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