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Interesting find Mr Bracken.


Frank was an old friend and talented modeller who modelled the GWR/WR in EM and was deeply involved in the MRSI Loughrea layout. I helped Frank as a roadie moving, setting up an operating Frank's Wentworth and Louhrea at various exhibitions. I wonder did Frank take the actual photos although he modelled the GWR/WR he sometimes spoke of building an Irish layout.

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Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the mule actually was?

One from one of our site members showing the mule in action in better times

Wellington Bridge enlargment of the 'mule' used for positioning the wagons at loader pns202


I presume it was battery powered? And it must have been solid metal to cope with the weight of the filled wagons


I think I have seen something similar being used for loading, maybe bulk cement? Waterford seems to be popping into my brain for some reason. Will try to look when I get home tonight....

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The mule is not self propelled, it is cable hauled.

Thanks, David. That makes a lot more sense.

Why then would you need a mule at all rather than just attaching the cable to the wagons?

Or was that it, there was no attachment or detachment of the cable, just shunt the mule back with the next set of empty wagons? The winch would have to be recessed beneath the trackbed, I presume?

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