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Evans quits Top Gear

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He's an absolute moron. Even clarkson looked reasonable beside him. Well, a bit.


Tis true. at least Clarkson was funny, even if it was crude.

and the way he talks the whole way through the footage of a star in a reasonbly priced car drives me mental!

plus he is only quitting cause he didnt like the look of the ratings

I could say a lot more about him but Pat might have a heart attack

rant over

Mike drop

Bobs your uncle

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Great news alright - he is really annoying!

I think they should have changed up the format of the show more. Evans is just reading the script Clarkson would have read, and it doesn't work.

I like LeBlanc, and Chris Harris is great for handling/reviewing the Super/Hypercars. My brother was showing me his reviews on Youtube a couple of years ago, and they are really professional.

I like the rallycross lap rather than the old standard track lap for the stars, and it is good to have two on together.

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I see his T G I Friday show has just also been Axed

seems Radio is the best place for him , i wonder why ? is it because folks cant see him :D

le blanky blanc is a much better choice I.M.O. more personality and jazz about the cool dude.

but the original Top Gear is like the Mona Lisa { cant be replaced } only by a copy.

with that i wish him the best with it , its gotta be better thans Evans go anyway .

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