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Irish firm selling locos

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Funnily enough about 50% of leased aircraft in the world are Irish owned.. i would guess that the rail figure would be lower but there's still probably more Irish owned locos that belong to leasing companies than to Irish rail, NIR, ITG and RPSU combined!

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Yea my friends brother used to work for Ryanair as a technician . Now he works in Dublin in an aeroplane leasing company. He told me all about it at a stag do a couple of years ago. Apparently it is big business and has generated a lot of jobs here - not just a tax write off thing at all apparently.

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The flyover gig a few years ago in dublin with the A380 was a sales pitch . Aircraft leasing is big business, going back to Guinness Peat Aviation. Issue is that when a large company buys a couple of billion of boeing/airbus through here, it screws up our GNP, even if we get very little from it, and results that we have to pay more to the EU, as it looks like we're making a lot of coin on the books.

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