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The Joy Of (Train) Sets -BBC FOUR shortly!

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Superb programme.


It always beats me why railway enthusiasts - especially if interested in modelling - are seen by some as nerds who have never grown up, yet it's acceptable to watch overpaid, bottle-tanned spoilt brats spending ninety minutes running round after a ball, at the end of which the score is either 0-0 or 1.0. Or, those who like cars, motor bikes, ships or planes: all forms of transport, so what's wrong with us!


Excellent programme, "caring" as Weshty says.

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I got stuck into it, only to have a sneaking suspicion I'd seen before beneath a fog of Arthur, so I said I'd give it a go whilst having the evening meal. Herself ate her dinner with Facebook on the phone, and all was well, until the bit about 4mm and Frank Hornby came on. The rant started slowly, but built to a crescendo - "would it have been that f**kn hard to scale the track and gauge correctly, ya bloody clown, so we'd not have to suffer the piss and vinegar of 00, EM, P4, and countless other f**ckin standards, like code 75, 82, 83, 100, and one more thing....."


Missus just looked up briefly and said "I've no idea what yer on about, and the child is sleeping, so keep it down. Why don't you talk to the "lads" about this...


I went into a huff, pretended I was seven, with that Class 31 in the roundy roundy under the bed, and the world was all right :P

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The roundy roundy under the bed...heh!



What was absolutely endearing was to see these grown men revert in an instant into bright eyed young fellas as they talked about their first set/railway experience. Especially Peter Waterman. Worth an absolute snotload and yet his passion as he discussed his first Trix plastic set had me grinning and chuckling.

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