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Bridehurst - SR Region 3rd Rail.

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On 4/2/2020 at 6:01 PM, Georgeconna said:

Currently building a Dapol windmill, surpising good for its age especially the brick engraving is still ok. It is based on a 17th century Mill called Pitstone Windmill,

I ordered a little 6V motor with gearbox from guess you know where,the package was wiped down before opening and it is glued in situ and will be glued directly to the sails. It is to be wired up to a cradle with 4 x 1.5V batteries should give a nice slow rotation.  No sure if there is DCC sound for a windmill yet.









I have mucked about with some Scenery and laid some 3mm static grass to test the waters. However I mixed up some 8 and 12mm strands and had a complete failure with them refusing to stand up. I dont often have that problem. I'll hover them up and try again. I know the tree looks shite too but was trying some hedge cuttings.

anyhow nice to show the good with the bad every now and then!! I tend to be failing more the successing these days...




The multi-levels look very effective.

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Will I am Glad I did not Progress fast on this one, Turns out all the digital Cobalts I got have to go back for repair as they kept losing their addresses every time there was a short, all off them (13) bar 2  had to be re-adressesed each time, Right PITA. Some Component was snuck in apparently that was defective which was causing this to happen.

This should be fun with Brexit....




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32 minutes ago, scahalane said:

Why don't you run them as anologue, far more fun.

Oh but the digitals are so much easier to wire just three wires from the point overhead direct to the motor underneath, no long cable runs back to switches, etc. The Analog ones require much more wiring.

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Nah they worked grand except for that little (big) Problem , nice an quiet, no Massive Thuds and yes there is wires but you don't have to rely on a crappy microswitch to change the frog polarity. ah well.


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Posted (edited)

Get in!

Just in the door in time for Lunch time testing!! 

Tax man missed that one too!

Had a Resin one on the back burner for ages, Managed to flog that off to part fund this one a bit.

Love the sound of Jet noise!


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3 minutes ago, Galteemore said:

Excellent George. Please post some vid!! 

I'll try there kid. all my point motors are being sent to the UK at the moment to get fixed, I'll see if I can get this across the points first!!

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Well got it out and it stikes you as a lovely model. Stuck it on the track and the sweet sound of Jet Turbines was jheard. Nice a smooth runner.

Cab lights and all that Jazz, The Lower 2 Front lights should not come on for Forward Travel and should be red for reverse running, The Tender lights are red.

after a while I noticed.....The Footplate, How the hell am I gonna fix that little bump I dont fancy trying to shovel a bead of Super glue under the etch there TBH. Once Slip and the finish will be goosed. Tis on both sides.






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  • Georgeconna changed the title to Bridehurst - SR Region 3rd Rail.
Posted (edited)

Might do it or Perhaps johnsons clear but I doubt they have the strength to hold this kink down.

I'll have to think of something though!

uh oh missed found the box it came in with, flipping value is on the outside. If you don't hear from by tomorrow call the cops! Slipped up big time mates.



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