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10 hours ago, DJ Dangerous said:

The IRM containers, - which ran from when until when?

CIE 20'

Bell 40' (late 70's until early 90's? )

B&I 40' (late 70's until early 90's? )


As an aside, from @Arran's C-Rail range, which of the following ran from when until when?

Bell 20'

B&I 20'

Hapag-Lloyd 40' 8'6"

GCATainer 20' spider tank

Bruhn 20' spider tank

CAI red 40' 8'6"

K-Line red 40' 8'6"

Tiphook brown 40' 8'6"

Cronos brown 40' 8'6"

Freightliner all red 40' 8'6"

Freightliner red and white 40' 8'6"

Freightliner red and yellow 40' 8'6"

ONE pink 40' 8'6"

I have loads more container questions, but that's enough for today.


Thanks all!!!

Dave, you might get more informative  responses by moving this portion to the 20 and 40ft container thread to tbh. I have a general working knowledge but not enough to venture years when they would have been introduced, common in traffic and being phased out  

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