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railway bookseller?

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Stranorlar ca1957 pn4

Easons were a well known company who had a large number of kiosks on railway stations including one at Stranorlar, this looks like the kiosk. They were basically newsagents selling papers and magazines as can be seen from the titles on the invoice and I doubt that they sold railway books as such but probably had a selection of tourist oriented guides etc.



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Eason did indeed have bookstalls at stations all over the country - the waiting shelter on the Up platform at Dalkey was formerly an Eason bookstall.

Anyway, I digress as it's Stranorlar that interests me as my grandfather,  his brother (Ross Parks) and their father all worked for the CDR. Ross Parks also operated the bookstall at Stranorlar in the 1960s after closure and for some years prior to that - see invoice below. I see the date on that invoice seems to be 1944 so Ross Parks must have taken it over sometime after Eason's gave up the franchise.

Strangely enough my first job was working for Eason & Son Wholesale but  by that time the bookstalls were restricted to Connolly, Heuston, Limerick and possibly Cork.

Ross Parks Stranorlar billhead.jpg

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Well done, Porky, the camera doesn't lie - but Miss Walker seems to have been charged more!

Ah, Jon, I have to careful on this one. I buy the DM on Saturday's for the Giant Crossword. Also a huge number of Great Rail Journeys clients read it and they pay me (when I work for them - obviously nothing at the moment!).

All that said - I refer to the Daily Mail as the Volkisher Beobachter (which was the Nazi Party's official Organ); the Guardian as "Pravda" (Communist Party's organ - most of the Guardian's writers today would have been sent to Siberia, or shot, if under the Soviet Regime, as far too revolutionary).

I have no idea where you can read balanced sense, especially common sense!

But if you know - let me / us know.

Greetings from a God-given day in sunny Surrey. Just off to loft to dig out an order for a customer (NOT made in China!).

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