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Wooden sawhorse modification

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I got myself one of those cheapo steel ones, with an attempt at 'teeth' on the upper sections.

It's quite adequate for occasional use.

Every single edge on it is sharp, though - you need to approach it with the care of someone picking up a dropped boxful of scalpel blades.

It's more likely to injure you than the saw is!

I'm reluctant to take the edges off, though, as that will go through the galvanising.

Handy Steel Chainsaw Saw Horse | Robert Kee Power Equipment

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4 hours ago, Broithe said:

I'm always wary when using a chainsaw.

3 hours ago, murrayec said:

Me to!


I'm not sure if they still do it, but McCulloch chainsaws used to have the following advice in the handbook - Chainsaw accidents are rarely trivial.

The folding metal sawhorse has some advantages for me, in terms of storage volume and ease of transport. It doesn't get a lot of use, but it's never been used at 'my place'. If I had a great deal of use for one at the home location, then a permanent wooden one would be preferable.


It's (saw)horses for courses, I suppose...


I do keep one of these with me - if I need anything bigger then there's little point.

Modern First Field Dressings – Tales from the Supply Depot

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5 minutes ago, murrayec said:

Lidl did a folding metal one last week


They're 'OK' for what they are, but even when it's folded and stored, it's capable of producing injuries from the sharp edges, if you were to pass by without adequate care.

The odd cuts from the many sharp edges would be survivable, but potentially awkward - however, the shearing action when folding it is well capable of provoking a hospital visit.

Even the task of assembling it should be undertaken with sturdy gloves on.


Other than that, it's alright...

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This has been on the go for years. You can see where the chain saw occasionally cuts the cross timbers but I just renew them as necessary. If you look at the "V" you should just make out the carpet gripper. The mainframe always stays intact.






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