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Darth Vader RIP

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Sad to hear of the passing of David Prowse, best known for his portrayal of Darth Vader in the Star War series
Many believe that James Earl Jones played Vader but he was the voice, and Prowse was the actor
Also known to some of us of a certain age who would remember him as The Green Cross Code actor
Was also the British heavyweight weightlifting champion a number of times
May the force be with you David



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The tragic part of it all is how Prowse's relationship with Lucasfilm soured over the years. During the making of Return of the Jedi he was accused of leaking details about the movie. By all accounts he was innocent but Lucas seemed to harbour a grudge against him ever since, even banning him from official Star Wars events.

Another kick in the teeth is that Prowse was among members of the main cast who were entitled to residuals from the profits of Return of the Jedi. Due to "creative" Hollywood accounting, despite grossing close to 500 million on a budget of just over 30 million, on paper, the movie never made a profit. 

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