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  1. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Personally, I'm not convinced that there was ever such a thing as 4.5" stripe. I've seen 3" and 6", but never seen a half measure. I've been digging in to it with drawings and photos, and it would not surprise me one jot if such a thing existed, CIE being the oddballs we all love. Just finding photo evidence that can be quantified (camera matching etc) would be great. It's one of those "turf burner frames were used as a bridge on a golf course" things that grow legs, and tales R
  2. Accurascale

    artillery round storage racks , I was going for. Turns out I've much schooling to do...:p
  3. Kingsbridge - workbench

    The "black" that I tend to use on roofs is generally diluted with a bit of white to make it more charcoal, especially on the steam vans. The heat from the vents, boilers, flux capacitors and other gizmos they tended to use meant the paint on the roof took a greater hammering than that on the sides, and appeared to be less well maintained. Just out of curiousity - "The white band (4.5") during CIE Black'n'tan era was not as wide as on the laminates, cravens, etc (6")." this is a new one on me, care to expand on your research? Great work thus far! R
  4. Finding old kits

    Eoin would make a tidy job of that, shame to have it sat on a shelf
  5. Silverfox - New Irish Coach releases

    The choice of orange shade appears decidedly orange, rather than "tan", but I blame age and eyesight...
  6. High end R-T-R Dutch van. ( rebuilt)

    No stress, I'm the Technical Director, I know exactly where the Sambo file is (on me bloody hard drive!)
  7. Wagon Chassis Colours and ?

    George, From my research, the cement bubbles never got a black chassis at the start, they were primer grey initially, and as they developed in traffic, they just got muckier as they went about their business, to the point where they appeared black. As to when a formal decision came about to actually paint them black, I'd be guesstimating mid 80's. I've yet to find evidence of a black chassis on a 22' flat. Having been "up and under" one a few years ago (oh Matron!) , there's no evidence of actual paint. it's not bauxite, it's just rust/oxide. But, I'll say this, I haven't put extensive time into researching this, just in case anyone gets excited, this is just a personal, (and not an IRM) observation, and I could be wildly off the mark, and welcome to be corrected. R
  8. High end R-T-R Dutch van. ( rebuilt)

    John As you'll appreciate, there's an enormous amount to a commercial decision to invest the time and energy into any particular project. I've been on at the lads for the case for Sambo, which no doubt will sell in the millions. It's "on file, in a filing cabinet" which makes me hopeful too R.
  9. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    They look smashin' on that wee layout!
  10. Inspection car 721 'JESS'

    Built by Hugh Phillips Engineering Ltd., it was the name of the Chief Executive's daughter. HPE folded in 1996. R.
  11. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Those Alan Gibson wheels must be worth a fortune!
  12. Popeye's Workbench

    In all the years I've been around the forum here, it's one of the foremost and standout pieces of work. I missed the lead up to the finish, apologies popeye, and was full shure it was a Britannia Pacific Kit, rather than a scratchbuild. Having gone back, I just had to laugh in awe. That framework/scaffolding is a work of art, engineering, and perseverance, the attention to detail on the weathering alone is so delicate, and right, words fail me. As for the attention to general detail in terms of pipes and wires, I'm a so boggled by what I've seen, I'm all akimbo with suitable phrasing. IRM Model of the Year 2017 contender, easily.. Rich
  13. Behind the scenes at IRM

    A fund for a few new shirts is all I'm willing to reveal..currently haggling over Charvet vs Dunnes...
  14. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    If you're short a buffer Robbie, give us a shout on info@irishrailwaymodels.com and we'll send out a replacement, or replace the entire wagon to your satisfaction. I know it's a method of getting super close coupling by loosing a few buffers, but not recommended R
  15. Behind the scenes at IRM

    And just to clarify, it is not Offeecial IRM policy to have to wear a check shirt

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