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  1. murrayec's Projects

    Christ all mighty, but that is some fine work.
  2. Every day's a school day!
  3. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Noel, I'd go back to Eoin's post and get some cellulose thinners, strip the thing in it's entirety, put all the parts in a small jar and cover them overnight. Noxious stuff now, that thinners. And when I mean entirety, I mean everything. Just keep the rubber bits aside. Just thinking, have you tried just putting water through it, full throttle? Are you getting an even mist? If you release the nut that secures the needle itself at the end of the airbrush, pull it back a touch, does it increase the flow? You may have a bad combo of nozzle, needle, and outer shield. Anyway, full disassembly sounds like the next logical route and clean every part and reassemble.
  4. That was done in the States, I believe the first one off the line got that really brown version as depicted on 086sa, but that was all. Inchicore did the rest. I must bring those samples in for you to see in the flesh over some of Uncle Arthur's Medicinal Compound some evening...
  5. Kingsbridge - workbench

    I have 7 of the Veda airbrushes, and love them to bits. Somewhere between the badger type and cheap asian ones. Noel, if it's air pressure, are you sure the pressure nut under the nozzle itself is fully opened, and the thumbturn at the end of the airbrush removed?
  6. Luas Breakdown

    Dublin is built on a great big lump of granite. Not easy to core through. Cork is sandy, so too expensive to underpin. Limerick is the only place suited for an underground, but then you'd miss out on the most preserved, and at times beautiful, georgian city in Ireland... (slightly biased, I know :p) If anyone had to travel on the 77a, like something outta Blazing Saddles, to Tallaght before it was introduced, they'd get on bended knee for the luas. Looks, aesthetics, punctuality, has it all, and plenty options for northsiders to go southbound and fill the reader's letters section of the Oirish Toimes. No downside at all! 😆
  7. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Just be sure not to start mixing nozzle and needle sizes, just yet. You can have an 0.5mm nozzle and an 0.2mm needle, and a slip of a finger is a blunderbuss to the model. The last time I looked I went for an 0.5 nozzle and 0.3mm needle so you can go from sensitive to scuther coat with the one airbrush, but it's cavalier behaviour, and you should keep the same needle to nozzle ratio.
  8. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Despite the best will in the world, paint will get into all manner of places, and no amount of back spraying will help. If you are planning to do a decent amount of time on the air, and haven't used it in a week or so, you'll find some paint has plasticised somewhere. It'll have flowed from it's hiding place to an exit point, usually around the nozzle, and sat there. If the trigger action works then it's not in the central gubbins, but if you disassemble the nozzle cover, nozzle guard, nozzle, and nozzle mount, give them all a quick clean 9 times out of 10, it'll have you back up and running in jig time.
  9. London Calling, London Calling

    I'd near pay the flight over to see that! Seriously, you should post up a list of the books and such, I'm sure there are a few that would be welcome in my wee shelf. R.
  10. GNRi Turntable

    Were turntables not "IKEA" kits of their time - 60'. 70' and so on?
  11. Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

  12. Models demand

    Is that not an Attock MGWR profile on the end? The roof is definitely a re-issue, but a grim, yet brilliant photo
  13. Well done Irish Rugby Team

    Thought Scotland deserved higher in the table, and Conor O'Shea's Italy, quite disappointed on that front, but Scots'll be a force to be reckoned with next year. No love lost for Gatland either. Triple Crown is all that counts now.
  14. Availability of CIE (1945-55) green paint

    Is there an echo in here?
  15. Availability of CIE (1945-55) green paint

    Just stumbled on this - 1947 - Colour film. http://ifiplayer.ie/monsignor-reid-collection-castlerea-train-station-1937/ There's even a shot of the twin straw lined crimson/maroon coaches too! Enjoy JB! R.

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