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    China have been on, when I asked them about tooling. Simple reply, sadly. 起床院子 R.
  2. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    My recollection of trawling suggests that when they had the grey and orange livery, they had a specific branding, very similar to the one on 25195, but more compressed. The "CIE" in the centre was of the early version, and the "bulk cement" was a standard stencil. But when they came to go ivory, they seem to have played around with it - given the "CIE" a more Art Deco style, and a custom stencil for the bulk cement that had more distance and presence than the previous orange/grey livery version. If adopted, it would have been a gradual change of corporate branding, in the way black and tan was to supertrain. Sadly it wasn't given the thumbs up across the range, but at least she held it until the bitter end. I do love an aul livery oddity, and would loved to have found more to add to our range, but they just don't exist in photographic form ...yet....
  3. GSR Class 551 / J26 ECMbuild in 7mm

    Totally agreed. The only ones I've ever made were for Bredin MK2 roof profiles at 10'3" (i think?) and though they took weeks to build, they've served well , and still do. Keep on trucking, these are inspiring posts. R
  4. GSR Class 551 / J26 ECMbuild in 7mm

    Fabulous stuff Eoin, my first real opportunity to properly catch up with stuff folk are at. Your workshop is immaculate (unlike my Somme-esque landscape in Crumlin ) Have to say I love all the jigs and helpers - are they all home-brew or picked up over time, they certainly look careworn and top quality. Rich.
  5. Blue Cravens coaches

    Can one of the Mods correct the spelling of this thread. It's upsetting my OCD. - Edit and it needs to be done to help others searching this forum.
  6. Baseboards

    That's what you said. That's what I responded to. You have an actual track plan of Omagh, and you're going to compress it to suit. Why anyone, having hard data of a track plan, would embark on this strategy of building a baseboard without validating a compressed track plan, is a mystery. Measure shed, draw it up, superimpose trackplan, and compromise accordingly would appear to be a more straightforward approach. I'm not having a go at your idea, not by a long shot, but if you got the track plan to match your actual shed dimensions, you'll save yourself a few headaches along the way. I say all of the above in a friendly, helpful way, not to have a go. I also say it because I've gone and screwed up in a similar vein, and would not like it replicated by someone else. Rich.
  7. Baseboards

    You're cutting the legs for a baseboard that you don't know what size nor design it is? I've proffered the "Lay track in haste, repent at leisure" but this takes the biscuit Slow down, stop cutting timber, measure the space available, and get out a wee notebook and start sketching a plan for track, baseboards and so on. Then start cutting legs etc. Rich.
  8. Behind the scenes at IRM

    Thanks lads, it means a lot, and I did think CIE were odd in the way they went about design - turns out our counterparts across the ditch have a similarly oddball way of doing things, which I find delightful and challenging all at the same time. A piece of rolling stock with 4 different buffer patterns? Yip, seen in the flesh several times. Or another with two different types of brake gear on it? And for a man who has an unhealthy interest in axleboxes, whoa-hoa, it's been a roller coaster so far - roller bearing - hooded and unhooded, grease box, LNER, GNR, sloped, no mind yer standard BR Timken's! Yes the OCD is strong on this adventure, but as Mies Van Der Rohe once said, "God is in the Detail" Rich P.S. the Irish stuff has not been put on any backburner either, we're "all ahead, flank speed" as Garfield might say.
  9. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Best laugh I've had in a while!!!
  10. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Jaysus, that shot would have been handy about 6 months ago!!! Got it figured out in the end tho. Love that Ballybeg layout too, stonking stuff. R
  11. Glenderg's Projects

    Can, fire me a pm if still interested. In other news... Colours used. Rock salt method used. Bit of downward action with wire wool before it dried. Onto powders, Mig Ammo are appallingly bad for railway stuff. It's powdered chalk dust, and doesn't stick. Back to AK Interactive. Should have left it at that, but was determined to get those powders to behave. It's sitting on makeshift 21mm track. I'm "idir eatherthu" about the finish, and I've probably given Wrenneire a hernia seeing a collectible in this way!! 😆 R.
  12. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    36! I fondly remember 121's hauling them from the junction to Limerick and always it being around 24. Every days a school day!
  13. Georges Workbench

    Great to see you at Blackrock and have the craic, no less seeing your work back here with a bang. I think a lot of folk think you press a button behind yer ear and not only does an bottomless pit of time open up to do the work, but the experience and skill required to unf*ck some of these models (thinking shiteways resin) is slotted into a port on an SD card behind the other ear and off you robotically go. I think it explains why there are so few in this community doing this kind of "charity" work... R.
  14. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Same, love the bigger roundel and the font style (which isn't a font download either - every letter had to be drawn ) would loved the justification for 2 more in a pack, but shur.... R
  15. Loco information

    You'll be needing a new smoke box door as JB says, but looks good.

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