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  1. Glenderg

    Air brush set

    Hey Joe. Was sceptical at first, but the adjustable nozzle would make for a great starter unit. The only downside being that you have to put a fair bit of paint into the pot each time. A middle of the road airbrush will set you back about €40, so to get a compressor too is a bargain. Then again its Parkside, about as reliable as a sunroof on a submarine.. R.
  2. Glenderg

    Ballast pit pictures

    https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/search/?q=lisduff&c=photos#i=12 R
  3. Glenderg

    Bridge Abutments

    Tony, Print this off on A4 - no scaling - and you should have something to get started on. 12" stone coursing on the pillars or 4mm in scale. Am sure Wills et al have something suitable. R GNRI_Bridge.pdf
  4. Glenderg

    Bridge Abutments

    Have you any photographs of it, or a similar structure ??? Most of those cut stone structures were built in either 12" or 16" courses, usually to suit a secondary brick layer, but without any reference material it's impossible to say. R
  5. Glenderg

    David's Workbench

    David, As a relative new user when it comes to weathering powders, Humbrols powders generally get panned for being a bit "aggressive" and some times just plain wrong in certain shades. If super subtle is what you are after, ground down chalk pastels are the business. You really need to work the dust to get any real connection. Mig Ammo's weathering powders are similar to this, and work a treat on military models for subtle shading. I like to use them on areas where, say, the background is very light, and the weathering a vast difference, such as rust. There is another range by AK Interactive (Mig Jimenez of Mig Ammo made that range too, but there was a bit of a falling out so he made his own company.) The AK Interactive powders are a bit more aggressive, but can be soothed much easier and I'd favour them any day over the rest. That said, the cheapo in me likes sanding down a charcoal stick on some sandpaper and using the resulting powder for roofs, shur it's the same material as the real thing for kettle work? Richie.
  6. Glenderg

    New models with a 3D printer

    Interesting idea JB! Knowing the cost of high end 3d printing, your best bet would be to make the parts and cast them to try and cover costs. Looking at about £500 for a 6 wheeler, I'd imagine, but very much dependant on how many parts. Seating, cabin, W irons, brake gear, any underside bits, any roof bits, any pipes. I'd avoid the likes of shape ways as the plastic they print in is impossible to fettle to a decent finish. R.
  7. Glenderg

    17 December

    It's not all bad, as days go. Jus' sayin'... R
  8. Glenderg

    Passenger clothing.

    Herrflick has put on a few pound, since I seen him last.. 😜
  9. Glenderg


  10. Glenderg

    MK2 Wheel Sets

    Can you measure the tyre diameter - the bit part that hits the railhead?
  11. Glenderg


    I have to say that the track width versus prototype bogies is quite believable in Eamonn's photos, who needs 21mm, eh? 😛 (A set of wheel pullers and you'll pop them wheels out to 21mm in a few mins, incidentally) Glad they're going down so well with you lads, it's been a bloody pilgrammage...! R.
  12. Glenderg

    Fry Model Railway

    Yeah, a huge pity, but the reality is that the stock is knackered, and as I understand it, what can be displayed will. The other, more practical issue, is that 7mm takes up an enormous amount of space and what's on offer wouldn't do it justice. I think the 0 Gauge Wexford layout at Raheny was about the same size as whats available, should give some idea of what might be on offer. Lastly, I don't think there'll be any rolling in graves, it's designed in the same spirit as Cyril Fry's original layout, and it's a homage, not a repro.
  13. Glenderg

    Fry Model Railway

    Ah super, any word on who designed it? 😛
  14. Glenderg

    Goods Yard Building

    Pick a smaller GNR(I) Goods Shed from elsewhere. You're not exhibiting so modellers licence is applicable. A massive shed like what you propose above will dominate the scene to the detriment of the overall visual. R
  15. Glenderg

    Peco and RTR EM Gauge Track

    Fine for artistic folks to be prepared to lose some goauche, ink, canvas and time. That is the beauty of art. Sadly, none of the above applies to a commercial entity, no matter the desire. Shur the bauld Sambo would be done by now if heart ruled the head...

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