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  1. Glenderg

    Well she did ask

    @Broithe you have been summoned!!!
  2. Glenderg

    Irish Bufferstops

    The rail clamps are present, but there should be friction elements too - 16 in total if memory serves, beneath the main buffer and spaced out behind. I scratchbuilt a few for Boskonay, hence the nerdiness. interesting "prototype for everything" shot.
  3. Glenderg

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Not much craic doing deco plates at this hour of a friday night, mind....
  4. Glenderg

    Kingsbridge - Kadee + coupling conversions

    The very definition of railway modelling, if I ever heard one!
  5. Glenderg

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Maybe for the second half of a World Cup game, or tha, not that fussed... (Mon' Columbia, daddy needs a new pair of shoes... 😛 ) But no, modelling mojo is at an all time high - graphics plates on the entire 42 project, sorting some Cemflo data in the morning, a skype date to work on our most epic project yet, and even got to do some work on my own personal E-Class projects. (reinforce the word "personal" here, be reading anything into it) Cheers Sean, always appreciated from a fellow traveller! Rich (The E Class business was last sunday afternoon during the Sunday Game Bosko, so chill.. )
  6. Glenderg

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Jaysus Red, I'd take you up on that had I the time. The wiggly green pipe that used to traverse the sides, and how to do it, is currently addling me, amongst other things. R.
  7. Glenderg

    Double height Beet Wagon kit is now available

    Is this of any help?
  8. Glenderg

    the future

    Cross wind, air pressure, and a host of other factors can't get current aircraft to land on a 4 inch centre line of a runway perfectly, no mind into a perfect gauge rail system. Absolute nonsense.
  9. Glenderg

    21mm track question

    26" centres - taken at Athy - 8.67mm in 4mm.
  10. Glenderg

    21mm track question

    It works out at 100" or 8'4" - in scale 33.33mm for 4mm. As regards spacing it varies a fair bit in those photos, but 32" centres appears to be a mean dimension - 10.67mm centres in scale. HTH. R.
  11. Glenderg

    21mm track question

    Ken, I popped into Lenihans hardware in Dublin, bought a few long bolts and some nuts, total spend of €1.36 and have a few working 21mm track gauges. The ones from Scalefour only work on Code 75 track, so anything more exotic (this clown here is using code 100) requires a homemade solution.
  12. Glenderg

    barrow street

    Funny, that's the company motto too!! I think I've yer email from the "fart box" drawings discussion?
  13. Glenderg

    Kingsbridge - Kadee + coupling conversions

    Mein Gott!
  14. Glenderg

    barrow street

    Have to say that the first image really got me when I saw the DNG "For Sale" poster and thought, "ooh, 475k for starters anyway...." I made up the ones below in 2012, and have higher resolution versions if of any interest. R.
  15. Glenderg

    IRM CIE 20ft Container

    The containers are designed to the iso standards 1496 & 1161, and all their sub documents, that determine mounting points, lugs, openings, and all manner of exciting things. It's a design nightmare if I'm honest, but it's to the adopted guidelines. I strongly suspect that other manufacturers read the same documents and design accordingly. If they don't, designing something that was intentionally incorrect would not sit at all well with us. R.

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