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  1. Free Shipping for Ireland and UK with Irish Railway Models

    You might have to order more than one
  2. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Added to the Calendar
  3. Bray Train & Model Fair

  4. New Look

    You can upload all the images you want to the Gallery tool here at no cost...
  5. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Stunning Slightly offtopic but what backscene is that? looks super!
  6. New Look

    WHen minimised, the forum assumes you don't really want to see them, so they are greyed out. The who's online is down the bottom right Enjoy
  7. New Look

    Looks like you have them minimized. Tap the triangle on the right of each bar should open them up
  8. New Look

    Can you share a screenshot BTB? Every category looks the same to me?
  9. New Look

    I think the only way is to fix photobucket? otherwsie manually edit every missing image and re post the image?
  10. Thomas pissed!

  11. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Just a quick heads up for fellow forumers, with the show and online sales we're down to the last handful of the Pack A cement bubbles (Irish Cement Logo). If you want to grab a pack or two, this is your last chance as these wagons will not be repeated! Thanks for all the support, it's ensuring the next wagon can keep moving! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/shop/freight-stock/cement-bubble-multi-pack-a/
  12. Exactly, the Ivory bubbles sit on Black chassis, whereas the Orange ran on Grey chassis
  13. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    To say they are selling like hotcakes is an understatement. Pack A is already now in extremely low numbers.
  14. NOW FOR SALE ONLINE https://irishrailwaymodels.com/product-category/freight-stock/

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