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  1. BosKonay

    Peco Code 75 Electrofrog Y-Points

    How much do you want for them Tony?
  2. BosKonay

    Layout Plans

    I would generally run the mainline at the back which will give you the largest possible radii / rate of turn, which will make bogied freight and coaches (and larger locos) look and run best. you also get the added benefit of the mainline running passing in and behind scenery, buildings, etc, giving more of a sense of 'travel' if you know what I mean
  3. BosKonay

    IRM Fert Wagon

    8-12 I think was the norm. From the IRRS Journal, 2002 " On Wednesday 19 December, 230 + 12 bogies of fertiliser arrived in Portlaoise at 10.15. The next day saw 10 laden fertiliser wagons in Adelaide yard in Belfast. On Thursday 20 December, 10 empty fertiliser bogies were worked to Shelton Abbey, (Arklow) to be loaded for Belfast. Fifty-four empty bogie-fertiliser wagons were observed in North Wall in early December."
  4. BosKonay

    IRM Fert Wagon

  5. BosKonay

    Join IRM at the SDMRC Clubrooms!

    I think that's an absolute given
  6. BosKonay

    Minor Outage

    More blips this morning, there is an issue with one of the other accounts, impacting the server storage, terminating with extreme prejudice now
  7. BosKonay

    Join IRM at the SDMRC Clubrooms!

    To the best of my knowledge...
  8. BosKonay

    Minor Outage

    Apologies for the small outage earlier, the vast amount of postings and images managed to fill up the servers drive, which needed a transplant All good now, thanks for your patience!
  9. until
    Hi everyone, The South Dublin Model Railway Club will be very kindly hosting us at their clubrooms in Knocklyon, Dublin tomorrow night (13th June) from 9pm, where we will have decorated samples of the Tara's as well as cement bubbles and Accurascale HUOs for you all to look at. There might be an additional surprise to see too, but cannot confirm just yet! This event us open to the public, so all are welcome! We appreciate that this is very short notice, but sure what else would you be doing of a Wednesday evening?? The SDMRC are also providing some catering by all accounts!
  10. BosKonay

    RIP Jim Bayle

  11. BosKonay

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Hi Barl many thanks for the post! ill check into the gift card glitch. It should not include VAT! you can order on the website and choose bank transfer. This then pushes the order to our accounting system which is a lot more flexible than the web front end. Once you have the order ID you can send funds by card, PayPal, online banking, gift card or cash by carrier pigeon!
  12. BosKonay

    New Irish Railway Models Website

    Cheers MMIE, will fix that now!
  13. BosKonay

    New Irish Railway Models Website

    Hi chris could you PM me your account email and I’ll take a look! Thanks! Hi Dive The old site would have orders placed through it. (The new site integrates all online and offline / event point of sale activity into a single account) can you drop me the emails you received and I’ll check your account t for you?
  14. BosKonay

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    I reckon it's feasible for short run items, say 25-50 items. On that bases, a coach, for example would work out at (best case) 100-150 euro a coach (bearing in mind you'd still need bogies, assembly, etc).
  15. BosKonay

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Hi JHB, Essentially, you'd need to commission a CAD tech with 3D printing experience to produce the item in a CAD format suitable for printing. For a coach say, you are probably looking at €2000 or so in time / cost for that bit. Then, upload to shapeways or a similar service, and you'd probably pay between 60-100 euro per print, assuming high end materials, and a moderate number of parts and size of parts.

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