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    Hello all! As the title suggests, does anyone here have any form of railwayana in their home or railway room? And would care to share with the rest of us? I have my own few NCC cast iron plates and I'll post some pictures up tomorrow but I was just wondering if other people have any gems either Irish or U.K. Nelson Edit: I know the "a" is missing from the title, any way to fix this?
  2. Dunluce Castle

    NCC Harland & Wolff kit

    £45 is very good.
  3. Dunluce Castle

    Nelson's Workbench

    Hi, and thanks for looking, And welcome to my workbench thread, here I will be posting everything that I will be working on in the future. First thing to build will be a LMS NCC brake van, shown at the end of this vid. http://youtu.be/tDDC1x5IP24 And The 70 class will be started late this year, early next year, and the chassis is going to be used for a scratch built loco body to go on. Thanks
  4. Dunluce Castle

    Nelson's Workbench

    Thank you, it's actually a kit from parkside dundas.
  5. Dunluce Castle

    Nelson's Workbench

    Hello all, thought I would share this. Started it two years ago, but had issues with the running qualities, so recently I took it back out and stripped it down and improved the running. Now I'm happy that its complete and finished. Thanks, Nelson
  6. Dunluce Castle

    RPSI 2018

    I wouldn't say the RPSI would get told off too much, after all the driver and fireman are IE employees afterall?
  7. Dunluce Castle

    UTA "Brown Van" from Provincial Wagons

    Here's my finished kit, more pictures can be seen on my workbench thread. Nelson
  8. Dunluce Castle

    Nelson's Workbench

    Hello all, I believe this is the first model that I have completed in 2018, started it at the Bangor show and I'm happy to finish it. Still need to add couplings and transfers (I completely forgot about them) thanks, Nelson.
  9. Dunluce Castle

    Wanted: NIR Hunslet kit

    Hello all, Not too sure whether this is going to be successful or not but I am after a OO gauge resin kit of the NIR Hunslet, the body kit or casting will be fine for me, so if anyone has one they are wanting to get rid of, let me know! Thanks in advance, Nelson.
  10. Dunluce Castle

    Items for sale

    PM sent
  11. Don't forget about the G5 announced by Bachmann, finally something pure North Eastern. http://news.bachmann.co.uk/2018/02/lner-g5-0-4-4t/
  12. Dunluce Castle

    GNRi S Class 172 in Derry 1992

    Superb photos, I really like them.
  13. Dunluce Castle

    GNRi 0-6-0 Look-a-like

    Thank you for the mention, I did indeed create a PG class (number 10) but it was from the GBL series with a Bachmann jinty chassis and new tender one. I do have however a BR black Bachmann one that needs to be done, so it'll be on the workbench soon enough. I've attached these photos as I find them better than the other ones, they give you idea of what's involved, not too much really.
  14. Dunluce Castle

    Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    Some really good things to come from Hornby this year, while Bachmann have taken the back seat, but still good none the less. Bachmann - http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/129822-bachmann-announcements-2018-full-list/ Hornby - http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/129702-hornby-2018-the-full-announcements/
  15. Dunluce Castle

    NCC Harland & Wolff kit

    Oh wow, must check that out now, happy days.
  16. Dunluce Castle

    Modellers Nook to close down

    Hello all, I just seen this on FB and thought I would share it. Sad to see it go, I remember waltzing in when Joe used to run the shop and it always provided an excellent service.
  17. Merry Christmas all!!!

  18. Dunluce Castle

    Patricks Layout

    I've said this before but I'll say it again, I love how the layout is surroundinged by black coverings, really makes the layout pop out and become the centre of attention.
  19. Dunluce Castle

    Star Wars Episode 8

    Has anyone else seen this? I just have and it is unreal. Left me speechless, and asking a lot more questions! Got a good laughter from it as well.
  20. It's quite ironic that 4 years ago I thought the Sandite set would be out of service and yet it has still been running these past few years, it's very much pleasing to see. If anyone has any photos or videos from this year, they are more than welcome to share. Here's my very quick video, enjoy!
  21. Dunluce Castle

    Popeye's Workbench

  22. Dunluce Castle

    Heritage Auctions

    Superb pieces there, thanks for sharing! Here's some coming up on the 18th from a different auction place. Some GNRI nameplates. https://www.gwra.co.uk/nextauction.html
  23. Dunluce Castle

    Galgorm Hall

    How have I not seen this earlier, the signal cabin looks absolutely amazing, you should be really proud!
  24. Dunluce Castle

    Omagh GNRi station

    Great to see some photos, looking well.
  25. Dunluce Castle

    Georges Workbench

    80 class is looking well, very nice!

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