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  1. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Anyone know where I'd get decent quality, realistic 00 scale model corrugated sheeting? I'm sure I saw something online once but can't find it. I'm trying to make buildings similar to what you'd find on the Valentia line, or many locations in West Cork. Any kits I find look far too toy-like, and for good measure cost a kings ransom to post from England. I'll make my own, but I need something that looks like scale sized sheeting!
  2. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Thanks, Ernie, i've just ordered some! With the assistance of Vol. 1 of Patrick O'Sullivan's history of the Valentia line, in which he has drawings (to what looks like 2mm scale) of Cahirciveen and Mountain Stage stations, I'm doing a drawing at the moment of something roughly in between the two in size. Mine will have what will look like a felt-surfaced roof, as some such buildings had. While many corrugated iron buildings had (have) roofs of the same material, I just thought it would look a bit like overkill on the model. There will be corrugated-sided goods shed also!
  3. Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    I didn't know any were as late as 1985...... anyway, it amplifies the point that I made that with a "1" on the door and antimacassars, original livery only. In a spirit of helpfulness to a young modeller, I recently gave him my copy of Doyle & Hirsch, the Bible for such things. (Do I have to be politically correct and say koran as well?)..... Now im regretting it! I'll have to get another copy......
  4. Clogher Valley Project

    Superbly ingenious! When my latest effort is complete, it will be viewable from all sides, so a backscene wont be needed, but in its semi-permanent home I may put something like that on the wall it's against. Inspiring stuff - thanks!
  5. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Ernie - is that light 4mm stuff Slaters too? I wonder what reference number it is? That's exactly what I'm looking for.
  6. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Many thanks, Broithe. If it was flat underneath, it might aid construction. That said, I wouldn't want it to be obvious how thick it was. Was browsing Valentia line stations this evening. Some were corrugated iron and some wooden plank. I think I'll go for corrugated as first choice, but if I don't like the look of my efforts, or indeed the construction materials themselves, the wooden plank version will appear instead.
  7. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Anyone seen this stuff - is it coarse and toylike or realistic enough? Checked Marks Models website, and they don't seem to stock it. Need to order from Brexitland, presumably........
  8. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    I had that idea myself. I looked to see what was available commercially, and there's a very nice Skaledale one (Butterley extension) which looks like what I want. It's a wooden building, which I'd be prepared to have, as my location is fictitious. I have done a rough design, so it'll be much like Mountain Stage or Valentia or the like. Must try to finish it tonight!
  9. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Would you have photos of these buildings, Andy? I'm hoping to get the station drawings done tonight or over the next day or two.
  10. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Very many thanks, gents. It's for a small shed, the superstructure of which is already made out of heavy cardboard. I'd be looking for something that can be cut into the right dimensions and glued onto the sides of it. The roof will be easy enough - card or plastic sheet painted and with tissue over it to look like a felt roof. I'm thinking of doing the station building the same way, a bit like West Cork or Valentia.
  11. I was on an RPSI steam train in 1970 which stopped on the runway for a photo opportunity. A military plane was nearby on the same runway, parked. It was in use then, and when necessary, trains were called upon to stop. I understand that particular runway is no longer used.
  12. IE coach.

    There's a "Supertrain" livery 141 class on eBay for StgĀ£93....
  13. Railway history in the garden.

    Yes, it would. The strong probability is that is indeed a narrow gauge one.
  14. Swop Murphy B188 for B141

    I have B188 in original 1960s black'n'tan. Would anyone be interested in swopping it for a 141 in the same original livery?
  15. Railway history in the garden.

    Looking at those proportions it may well be narrow gauge. On a sleeper for 3ft gauge track, the actual sleeper length would be about 4 ft 6 or possibly 5ft. If it's any longer than 5ft, it'll be a 5ft 3 sleeper, which could be from anywhere, I suppose.
  16. Curragh layout

    It should be indeed, Peter, and on a layout it does make all the difference. Look at a typical lineside photo and you'll see. Typically, there's at least the width of a carriage between immediate trackside and perimeter wall / hedge / fence. Great project - looking forward to seeing it develop.
  17. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Hoping to meet a few of our people tomorrow!
  18. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    Livery note; in the last five years or so, many wagons go into traffic with black bogie frames as seen above, and multi-coloured bits within. Prior to that, always brown. Four wheelers always brown, or grey when bodies were. Exceptions: ammonia wagons - dark green bogies. Curtain cement 4-wheelers - blue wheels / axleguards etc same as sides.
  19. Model Rail Model of the Year 2017

    I drank the rest.
  20. GS&WR green paint

    The green on the far right would be ok for the post-55 green, but with a dash of yellow. Right shade, but a little too "bluish".
  21. Cork Line Delays

    The rescue loco wasn't DCC fitted, and its weathering didn't look realistic.
  22. Cork Line Delays

    Surely they could have got buses for the passengers?
  23. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    Only one or two had the full height band after re-engining. I think it was the first two, or two out of the first three. All the others for the lower tan band until being "supertrained" during the 1970s. You could still get the odd black'n'tan one almost up to 1980. The last I saw in that livery was a 141 leaving Westport which I think was 1978 or 79. A bit like now - there's still an occasional black and silver 071 - yet the grey has been in for several years now.
  24. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    That is indeed "black'n'tan". It's got a white line below the black roof. What may be confusing is the full-height orange/tan band round the lower sides. It was more usual for the smaller, lower, dipped orange/tan along the side. Other versions during the 1960s had locos in all-black, no orange at all, with white line, or same with a yellow patch on the front. "Supertrain" was all over orange, roof included, with broad black band round middle. That was introduced in 1972 and with nothing more than a new logo and new white lines, changed into the "tippex" livery in 1987.
  25. Mixing Paint Colours - online tool

    Very useful! The standard "green" above is close enough to post-1955 diesel loco and coach green.

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