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  1. jhb171achill

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    Really? That’s a shame.....
  2. jhb171achill

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    Interesting! Wonder where that stuff is now..... I could never stand yer man on Nationwide with his absolutely ghastly stuck-up BBC-style contrived accent - like Jean Elocution-Lesson-Gone-Wrong Byrne who reads the weather.... aaaarrrrrgggghhh
  3. jhb171achill

    4 wheel timber wagons?

    Red bubbles?
  4. jhb171achill

    Roundhouses in Ireland

    Very interesting thread. I would be inclined to go for one of the above theories other than a loco roundhouse, due to space at least. Since roundhouses were so rare in Ireland, I can’t help thinking that’s its highly unlikely that the existence of one would go unnoticed by some of our most eminent railway historians over the years. If there ever was one, I would think it was in early Dublin & Drogheda days and didn’t last long....
  5. jhb171achill

    Omagh archaeology.

    Definitely a railway locomotive boiler.
  6. jhb171achill

    IRM 2019 Range -

    Count me in!
  7. jhb171achill

    CIE Laminate Coaches - Worsley Works - ECMbuild in 4mm

    The green and red coloured upholstery (1st & 2nd class) mentioned in the 1960s had disappeared by, at a wild guess, about 1970/2. The dark charcoal grey with blue fleck became almost universal, though the Loughrea coach had light brown plastic “leather”, and I seem to recall some old laminates with light greyish blue, like Dublin buses. It’s important to note that NONE of the RPSI or DCDR carriages have upholstery which is like the original. A few are roughly similar, but most including those shown above are completely different, with even base colours as different as painting a model ICR in NCC maroon with yellow wheels and a tartan roof!
  8. jhb171achill

    Donegal Railway

    That's the trouble with ebay, Colin! I had a look among jhb171Senior's stuff, and there's nothing from Stranorlar that's "off the beaten track" as such. For the times he travelled on the CDR, he didn't take many pictures, unfortunately.
  9. jhb171achill

    Donegal Railway

    This might be of interest.... https://www.ebay.ie/itm/STRANORLAR-RAILWAY-STATION-CO-DONEGAL-RAILWAY-IRELAND-IRISH-POSTCARD-No-863-2/223314446398?hash=item33fe94083e:g:XB0AAOSwxSZbufBt:rk:21:pf:0
  10. jhb171achill

    101 class tender details

    If anyone is still looking for a copy of this excellent tome, I believe the RPSI still has one or two copies for sale.
  11. jhb171achill

    Arthur's Quay

    I very much like the idea of different periods of use. That's what I'm trying to do too - a layout that "never changed until closure" and eventually a complete set of locos and coaches to cover the early to late 50s, the 1957-64 period, and mid 60s to mid 70s,. A model of Sambo would be nice! An E class, too, perhaps?
  12. jhb171achill

    101 class tender details

    True, John, but what I meant was that the "urban myth" suggests that the tender 186 is with now was "off" a 400 class loco, i.e. built for a 400 specifically. As you suggest, a lot of interchangeability was the norm, but this thing would have been paired with J15s and other odds and ends of 0.6.0 or 4.4.0 classes. Quite possibly, a 400 met it at some stage.
  13. jhb171achill

    101 class tender details

    The story of the 400 class tender with 186 is one of the old "Whitehead Myths" like the idea that the GNR in Dundalk "just went down to the local shop and bought what blue paint they had"...... The tender was used with other J15s occasionally and would have come from some old 0.6.0. And yes, there have indeed been RPSI modifications over the years. That's a genuine Farranfore, Coleraine & Western Railway conservatory. They were fitted with jacuzzis after 1904.
  14. jhb171achill

    Donegal Railway

    Yes, I’ve been following railway artefact prices for forty years, buying and selling the odd thing. Prices on eBay for such stuff - including tickets and photos - are grossly overpriced far more often than bargain-based. The IRRS archive contains much stuff, but it’s only open on Tuesday nights, so research really requires time spent in Dublin.
  15. jhb171achill

    Donegal Railway

    I see the copyright is one James Payne. It’s not a new photo - it appeared in Dr. Patterson’s Definitive history of the CDR which was published about 1969 or so. I wonder where the rest of his collection went?
  16. jhb171achill

    Donegal Railway

    Colin, did you ask the IRRS for any unusual views?
  17. jhb171achill

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    Now THAT comment I LIKE! ”much more new stuff”! Yippeeee! Where’s me credit card?
  18. jhb171achill

    win for Accurascale

    Superb! Well done and well deserved!
  19. jhb171achill

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    The original grey, obviously, would only ever have runs alongside orange....
  20. jhb171achill

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    That’s the standard wagon grey up to about 1958-ish. The “H” vans and “Palvans” appeared after that in a lighter shade.
  21. jhb171achill

    The Little Sugarbeats

    Interesting; first pic I've seen with a buffer beam number. The two DCDR ones are not from the same factory - one is Mallow, the other Thurles. None of the Tuam or Carlow ones survived. All four factories numbered their locos separately, so there were three No. 1s, No. 2s & No. 3s..... numerals varied.
  22. jhb171achill

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    For some reason, the “roundels” were of non-standard size, not only on this original grey layout, but on the orange livery too, as seen on the IRM models (accurately portrayed as such). I have no idea why. My recollection is that the wagons were slightly darker grey than the slightly lighter shade seen on covered vans after about 1960. Could have been cement dust, though.
  23. jhb171achill

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    I will delve. I have a notion I’ve seen no more than one or two. I had, indeed, thought Ernie had something, but I’m obviously mistaken on that. I’ll ping you privately if I find anything else.
  24. jhb171achill

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    I did the vote online already.... Vote early and vote often, as they used to say in Belfast! I believe you've sourced good quality colour pics of original grey in IRM Towers, correct? Must look at jhb171Senior’s pics to see if there’s anything there.
  25. jhb171achill

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    The original grey has another advantage in that no other livery suits the mid 1960s. I noted them still all grey (well, the ones I saw anyway) in 1969.

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