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  1. DiveController

    CIE Standard coach (laminate stock)

    I’ve some Mayner brass just arrived from Kiwiland too
  2. DiveController


    Smart looking livery with the green on white I think
  3. DiveController


    Nice shot, Dave! I seem to remember someone stating the Tara logo was in yellow or gold but that definitely looks grey on white when new and pristine
  4. DiveController

    Tara mines rake in blue.

    ooooh, nice shot Warb.iS that part of a traverser for emptying the ore? Looks like that overhead lifts the roof off or secures to the wagon on the four top anchor points?
  5. DiveController

    Tara mines rake in blue.

    If anyone has pictures in blue livery I'd be interested in seeing that please Only ones I can think of off the top of my head and one from Ciaran Cooney Collection http://eiretrains.com/Photo_Gallery/Railway Stations N/Navan/IrishRailwayStations.html#Navan_20110321_003_CC_JA.jpg
  6. DiveController

    Irish Railway Models 21mm Conversions

    Great shots, really shows the difference on the comparison.
  7. DiveController

    Irish Railway Models 21mm Conversions

    I was wondering if anybody has already converted the IRM ballast to 21mm and how easy it was to remove the collar and fit new 21 mm wheel sets? Where were they sourced and what was the final running quality? I haven't done this on my own ballasts as I am waiting to see if CIE ones will turn up so the the IE ones remain untouched in their boxes
  8. DiveController


    Sorry Bos, I didn't understand that 😕
  9. DiveController

    ooworks, J15

    Yes, that's not right. I'm glad you;re getting a replacement. Hopefully no issues with that or we're all in trouble
  10. DiveController

    Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    Could;t open the video link 😕
  11. DiveController

    Bargain Watch

    Agree. I know some of the prices listed are ridiculous but isn't this the bargain thread guys?🙂
  12. DiveController

    EM/OO Fine standards applied to Irish 5'3" gauge track.

    That a pretty big range 'something greater than 24mm' - 48 mm 😬
  13. DiveController

    ooworks, J15

    How timely. I just checked the site yesterday Still late 2018/2019. So maybe for Christmas then Is that commercially available or had to be mixed specially?
  14. DiveController

    Irish Railway Books for sale

    PM Sent
  15. DiveController

    Mk 2 Supertrain Coaches

    Nice job with the weathering but I feel like even the light weathering is overdone as most of these coaches were kept in pretty good condition as far as I recall ( always subject to user error , of course). However, he fact that I personally haven't actually done any physical weathering to any of my own stock probably diminishes the value of this opinion somewhat.....😕
  16. DiveController

    EM/OO Fine standards applied to Irish 5'3" gauge track.

    If only someone would build 21mm flexitrack and even one basic short prototypical crossover (which is very large by all accounts, let alone the express crossover) or a basic non-prototypical crossover (most Hornby, Peco Bachmann crossovers fit into this category), it would make entry into 21mm gauge so much easier, Fine for fiddle yards and small layout but not practical to build anything larger than this form scratch
  17. DiveController

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Are there any better photos of that livery variant that has been described above?
  18. DiveController

    Irish Ambulance Trains

    If it’s just that you want to protect the the ‘copyright’ to the photos a little (c) McGartland or (c) GNRi pseudonym will go a long way as Ernie says. I’ve enjoyed your contributions to the forum for the area that is close to your heart so I wouldn’t be dissuaded from posting if there is a viable alternative. Irish modeling is a relatively small group as we’re constantly reminded and every time someone leaves we are the poorer for it.
  19. DiveController

    Irish Ambulance Trains

    Care to share the ambulance train shots, Tony? Very few to be found as you say
  20. DiveController

    Irish Ambulance Trains

    Maybe start the ball rolling by throwing up your photo? Ambulance train arriving in Omagh on May 1st 1915 (from the net ....)
  21. DiveController

    For sale to fund "A" Class purchase...

    Lights often switchable too, ON or "nobody's home". Is she able to work in consist or single headed only?
  22. DiveController

    For sale to fund "A" Class purchase...

    Can she communicate with the controller well? Is there a decoder fitted?
  23. DiveController

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Haha! I didn't want to bring that up for fear of causing offense 😂
  24. DiveController

    Lima Italy pullman coaches

    Post a pic of the coach in question. Lots of stuff online for different coaches , roof removal etc
  25. DiveController

    42ft Container Flats Pre-orders begin this weekend at Raheny!

    Not quite sure why you wouldn’t use the existing tooling to provide more 42 foot flat but that information is very much appreciated 👍

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