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    GS&WR 10 ton Brake Van

    I prefer the darker shade. Most of these were seen in older black & white photos where they were darker or appeared dark. Lovely kit. Leslie. I'll be needing a pair I would say. Leslie, I think you numbered yours 8588
  2. Er, if you has stated you had all this info to hand, I'd probably not have bothered to spend time searching for information I thought you might need
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  4. DiveController

    GNRi G Class 2-4-0

    Tony, are you able to post the picture you have of the locomotive? Most likely detailed in Norman Johnston's book on steam locos of the GNR I would have thought but not sure that I have a copy...
  5. Have to agree with Broithe. You can certainly have prototypical distances between your widest model and line side structures provided the is no curve within one model length of the start/end of any line side structure. If there is, then the model will be angled towards that structure on the approach to it and you going to need larger clearances. If you have a very large layout with prototypical curves (doubt few or anyone has this luxury on a model layout) you'll be fine. If not you'll want to run your 201 locomotives and MK3/4 stock round slowly to ensure you have sufficient clearances and then then allow a bit if there is any wobble due to speed/imperfect track. The same can be said for the loading gauge remaining within tunnel entrances etc
  6. Not sure if this is helpful maybe appendix 3 which you could convert to imperial feet and then scale to 4mm About 304.8 mm to a foot http://www.irishrail.ie/media/ie_2018_network_statement_(final_version).pdf This seems to be the standard going forward not sure if it is historically prototypical
  7. DiveController

    Hornby diesel class 40

    Why did you add that weight?
  8. DiveController

    Provincial Wagons is back on line

    The GSWR 10 ton is long overdue!
  9. Hi, Can anyone who has restored a GNR or GS&WR sign such as a 'No trespassing ' one, advise on how these should be restored. The plan in mind is a wire brush, whatever undercoat comes out of a can that can be purchased in the US, followed by a main color and some hand painted restoration of the lettering. Any advice in addition/to the contrary or advice on paints/colors? TIA Kevin
  10. DiveController

    New 4mm Irish steam locos kits

    I not sure if I am understanding you but once JM Designs churns out the CIE/GSR 650 Class 2-4-0 MGWR Ks kit, John has a 52 Class 4-4-0 and maybe a further Midland locos in the pipeline. Were you planning to leave deposit with him on these? That reminds me.... overlays!
  11. DiveController

    Belmond - Haul only or push pull?

    NICE! Where was her her own loco?
  12. DiveController

    Correct restoration of Railwayana (Lineside Signs)

    Can't comment on the sign but it fits the bill (literally) RAILWAYS CLAUSES CONSOLIDATION ACT 1845 CHAPTER XX. 75. If any person omit to shut and fasten any gate set up at either side of the railway for the accommodation of the owners or occupiers of the adjoining lands as soon as he and the carriage, cattle, or other animals under his care have passed through the same, he shall forfeit for every such offence any sum not exceeding forty shillings.
  13. DiveController


    Side Corridor composites 2124-2129 (3F, 4T) were the last of the CIE coaching stock to be built on the 60' chassis. The 2130- series composites (1952) were built on the newer 61'6" under frames which became the standard length for almost everything after that time. It's remarkable that the 628A coach was repurposed so many times over 60 years.
  14. DiveController

    Loading ballast at Lisduff

    Are there any models of the British hoppers for conversion I wonder?
  15. DiveController

    Belmond - Haul only or push pull?

    Scenic observations in one direction and gricing after the locomotive has run around?
  16. DiveController


    That's GNR(I) , I think?
  17. DiveController

    Loading ballast at Lisduff

    Ah, sure that's a fantastic shot. There seem to be few shots on how ballast (or more importantly coal) was loaded onto wagons or tenders. Love those old ballast wagons. They look like the GNR ones but apparently not. So it that a GSWR/GSR/CIE brake wagon or does it have a plough? Thanks for posting that, Patrick.
  18. DiveController

    L&LSR Tooban Junction Signal Box

    Are these designs available somewhere? I have always thought it would good to have access to a resource where modelers would be able to see a series of designs for railway cabins etc and could styles modified to fit various size cabins that belonged to MGWR, WLWR etc
  19. DiveController

    MM 141 staff/tablet catchers

    If you don't get one on the site, they come up from time to time on eBay. There was on last week but probably sold now. You can sell txt others on to the more modern enthusiast. I'm assured the IE period is more popular with modelers (though I'm not sure why...)
  20. DiveController


    Might be interested in a full kit.. Like that Es more than the Gs to be honest.
  21. DiveController

    MM 141 staff/tablet catchers

    I don't think that the new larger LED marker lights were added until some time in the 90s. The tablet catchers for automated retrieval of the token were out of use decades before but the catchers remained on the locos for a considerable number of years thereafter. If you want to model that CIE era I'd swap the locos. ,There were only three small marker lights originally replaced by four larger LEDS with an additional red in the IE era and preservation thereafter
  22. DiveController

    Narrow Gauge in the Rockies not quite

    NO Railway Crossing barriers needed either, so nothing to replace when someone wants to beat the train with only a couple of tons of car šŸ™„
  23. DiveController

    Scratch built Irish CIE wagons for sale

    Email sent
  24. DiveController

    21mm Gauge rtr track

    Am I correct in thinking there is still no rtr 21mm track to purchase out there? Somehow in my mind I believe I may have hallucinated and confused the new Peco Finescale Code 75 bullhead track for a 21mm release. It'll be a larger layout so I'm ok with larger radius points but there is just no possibility that Iā€™m going to make the track itself in addition to converting all the stock. Comments and suggestions are appreciated Thanks in advance Kevin
  25. DiveController

    21mm Gauge rtr track

    Are there any track plans/drawings available for prototypical Irish crossings anywhere. I understand there are 6-8 basic points and crossovers in common usage (plus there are others I'm sure)

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