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  1. Like a G scale Turfburner...
  2. Accurascale

    Jaysus, George... my eyes! A man could do with getting advance warning so he can avert his gaze!
  3. High end R-T-R Dutch van. ( rebuilt)

    And long may it remain there.
  4. High end R-T-R Dutch van. ( rebuilt)

    Yep, I have the file on Sambo - well, the brief memo on Sambo - in here. Somewhere.
  5. G class diesel livery

    I’m almost certain there’s a photo of G601 in derelict condition wearing Black and Tan at Inchicore back in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s in one of the Traction & Travel books. Won’t get to check until tomorrow, though.
  6. G class diesel livery

    HI David, The thread Eoin links to will hold the answer, but to summarise: G601-G603 (the initial batch, different cab window arrangement and bonnet length, no vacuum brakes) initially wore silver with red buffer beams and black(?) numerals. They later wore green and ended up in Black and Tan. Not sure if they wore the black and white livery, but @jhb171achill may be able to confirm. The second batch of Gs were delivered in green but were repainted before entering service(!!!), so the livery on the green G at Downpatrick, while not quite fictional, was never observed in service. When they were retired, some wore black and white while others wore Black and Tan. I should have research material at the office which should contain further info. I’ll have a look tomorrow if I have time.
  7. Warley 2017

    It was great catching up with you, Leslie! Despite its size, Warley almost felt like a local show with all the familiar faces we bumped into over the weekend. Looking forward to next year already!
  8. Behind the scenes at IRM

    We were interviewed by Andy York of BRM/RMweb this weekend at the Warley show:
  9. Behind the scenes at IRM

    The latest edition of British Railway Modelling, hot off the presses at Warley:
  10. Which station is this please?

    Was just making sure. Improved safety isn't something that would commonly be considered silly or wasteful.
  11. Which station is this please?

    There's good reason for this. Modern bufferstops at stations like Connolly and Heuston are of the friction type, with metal clamps placed at set intervals behind them and the effect of the friction of multiple clamps lessens the speed of runaways - hence the need for space behind the buffers. Repeated 'whacking' of the buffers would obviously shift their position and lessen the effectiveness of this system if it were ever needed.
  12. What bogies used on Laminates + Bredin?

    Here's the BR commonwealth: And here's the CIÉ version:
  13. What bogies used on Laminates + Bredin?

    Just to clarify re. the Commonwealth bogies, CIÉ used a 'lightweight' pattern for coaching stock which differed visually from the pattern used by BR. I understand @Weshty at Studio Scale Models is working on this bogie...
  14. Popeye's Workbench

    Tasty. Very, very tasty!
  15. Free Shipping for Ireland and UK with Irish Railway Models

    Joking aside, there's a lot to be said for a K2 class 2-6-0...

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