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  1. New Irish Lines

    Still going, the online archive is updated regularly.
  2. IRM 2018 Launch, Saturday March 3rd, Ryan's Bar, Dublin.

    *Bumps 22k up the queue*
  3. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    That’s a Black & Tan loco. Most of the re-engined As had the thin tan band but one or two received the broader band as depicted above. A39R currently carries this version on the DCDR, as it did back in the day...
  4. Belmont coaches

    A bit like your beat wagons, vs actual beet wagons, Noel...
  5. IRM 2018 Launch, Saturday March 3rd, Ryan's Bar, Dublin.

    Already doing that, and no joint venture required!
  6. Does anybody in Dublin stock the Back Track magazine?

    First I ever heard of it was when I saw it mentioned on the Past & Present page on Facebook earlier. Can't say I've ever noticed it in Easons...
  7. Finding old kits

    They used to, JB, although I’m not sure if they’re still trading. As Mayner said above, they stopped producing their Irish outline kits due to lack of interest...
  8. Finding old kits

    I have a Backwoods C&L 4-4-0T kit sitting in a box in ye ol' homeplace. I'll get around to it one day...
  9. GS&WR green paint

    Just making sure you have what you're really looking for here, Popeye... Do you mean CIE rather than GS&WR? The coaches above are in CIE green; GS&WR coaches carried a 'purple lake' livery.
  10. Valentine's Day.

    Beware of rough shunts... it could all hit the buffers!
  11. LIMA Murphy Models

    And there I was thinking you were descended from landed gentry, Dave. You learn something new everyday...
  12. IRM 2018 Launch, Saturday March 3rd, Ryan's Bar, Dublin.

    Jed Bartlet has Irish links in his family and all...
  13. Stafford Railway Exhibition, 2018.

    Some nice modelling on show there. Just out of curiosity, @Broithe, do you know what price the Anbrico CDR 19/20 railcar kit was on sale for?
  14. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

    They’re in stock, Noel, although it’s collection only from our Hellas Planitia depot...
  15. Daimler APC and Leyland fire engine.

    We bumped into the man himself at the toy fair in Nuremberg last weekend and he was telling us that these babies were ready to go. Looking forward to seeing the finished articles in the flesh!

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