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  1. Garfield

    Hornby diesel class 40

    What sort of speed are you running them at?
  2. Garfield

    Hornby diesel class 40

    Five ounces = 141.75 grams. That seems excessive if you're adding that weight to each of your 15 wagons as you're expecting the loco to haul the equivalent of over two bags of sugar (albeit with less rolling resistence!). To put it in perspective, P4 finescale modellers are advised to have 25g (0.88 ounces) per axle in order to prevent derailments, and that would be considered overkill for standard OO gauge (our Accurascale 24.5t hoppers weigh 26g in total and we have had no reports of derailment issues from any customers, including finescale modellers). If you're experiencing derailments, it's more likely due to an issue with a particular wagon (a wheelset may have the incorrect back-to-back measurements, for example), or there may be a problem with the track - either a manufacturing flaw or in the way it was laid.
  3. Garfield

    Loading ballast at Lisduff

    The plough van and hoppers all appear to be of GSWR origin...
  4. Garfield

    Cemflo, by Accurascale

    A couple of photos @Warbonnet took of the Cemflo EP on the latest addition to IRM/Accurascale Towers:
  5. Garfield

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Hi Noel, The Taras, 42' series, etc. are fitted with kinematic couplings. The arm between the spring and the NEM pocket allows for some flexibility.
  6. This excellent photo of the loading point at Lisduff in 1961 by James O'Dea was posted to the National Library of Ireland's Flickr account this morning. It looks more like something you'd expect to see on an American railroad, rather than in County Laois! Note the aerial ropeway for delivering stone to the silo from the quarry...
  7. Garfield

    Derry Road Runabout

    Nice video, Tony - probably the fastest train ever to traverse the Derry Road! Good to see the layout coming together.
  8. Garfield

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    Is Patrick referring to the original '60s B&T version of 141, which Paddy also produced without the roundel?
  9. Garfield

    Irish Railway Models 21mm Conversions

    Hi Kevin, The ballasts (and consequently the bubbles and plough vans as they share the same chassis design) are subject to the design restrictions I mentioned above, but the Taras and 42ft wagons have bogies with longer axles, so you can increase the width. However, if you're working to P4 standards you will need to remove the OO wheels and replace with finescale versions.
  10. Garfield

    Irish Railway Models 21mm Conversions

    Hi Brendan, Thanks for your feedback. Regarding the W-irons, with the ballast wagon we were constrained by the fact that we did not have direct control over the manufacturing process until a very late stage (documented elsewhere). When you contacted us in relation to the W-irons on the ballast, we listened and made adjustments to the bubble chassis. However, we were again constrained by the fact the same chassis design was required for the bubble, as well as minimum manufacturing tolerances. If we had made the W-irons any thinner, the structural integrity would have been compromised and they likely would have warped while the plastic cooled after exiting the mould. We used the same method to accommodate re-gauging of our Accurascale 24.5t hoppers and customers report being able to drop-in EM and P4 wheelsets with little or no adjustment required - the difference being we had complete control of the design process for this model from the outset. Regarding the wheelsets, the recognised tolerances for 21mm gauge are governed by P4 standards, which means that RTR RP25.100 OO gauge wheelsets are incompatible and require replacement in any case. As you say, the the Taras, etc. have wider axles and it should be possible to fit P4 wheels directly to them. Regards, Patrick
  11. Garfield

    Hattons New Website

    I think it’s an improvement, personally. The search function is much better now.
  12. Garfield

    Going to the Ploughing?

    Fixed your post, Dave.
  13. Garfield

    Going to the Ploughing?

  14. Garfield

    Amiens Street Terminus

    The TNT worked a treat...
  15. Garfield

    AEC railcars

    Clearly I pasted the wrong link...

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