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Mixing Paint Colours - online tool

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Before mixing paints using online tool like the one below can be useful to get an approx idea what colours to mix and in what quantity.  Mixing any of the three primary colours Red, Yellow and Blue can make any other colour.  When buying paints you only need to buy 5 colours, these plus white and black.


White and black can be used to adjust the resultant mix if needed.  Paints that come in bottles with a tip nozzle can easier to measure a mix because you can count the drops therefore using smaller quantities rather than a scaled hypodermic syringe, etc.

When mixing actual paint always start with the lighter colour and add the darker.  e.g. Various mixes of Yellow+Red (+ tiny Black) can give every shade of CIE/IR orange or tan used over the decades.  Apps like the above just point you in the right direction.  You will have to try with real paints and suggest testing the mix on a strip of plastic card that already has been primed with a grey primer of your choice.  When it dries you will know if it works and you can retain the strip for comparison with future re-mixes.

Some of the forums talented air brush maestros like Richie, Popeye, Eoin, etc, can no doubt add more useful details on paint mixing and alternate tips from their experience.


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