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  1. I worked in the maintenance department for the (not mentioned) company that runs ocean pier, this where the liner splits in two to be loaded and unloaded, It didn't cause to much trouble or congestion in my eyes and I worked around them long enough , this however is mostly a political issue and the company I know would only love to get rid of the liner to expand the yard further move more tonnage and get more revenue, fairly obvious what's happening there.
  2. Keitheg6


  3. Cracking shot .... still the Green dont come close to the Orange in my eyes , Just says "Hello im here " I'll never forget the plates of chips you could get, made for a day out
  4. I've a nice bit of hdi stuff,i try keep the Irish "themed" ones fascinating stuff and dare I say it, the only truly Irish made models
  5. Try a speed test on Google, I've had issues the last month, on and off connection issues
  6. I still think they are the better rtr coach to date! lovely coaches
  7. Ye do miss that lovely orange about the place
  8. I was only delighted picked up 3 last year for 40e a piece to learn they are not so popular , my favourite livery!!
  9. Savage stuff Dave, I'm thinking you might need to buy a bigger dinner table
  10. Never mid saving 20 beans on a loco, there's a mk2 Galway livery gen van currently at 190+ postage and still getting bids also the Lima 3 mk2 Galway livery set for nearly 500 beens as we speak, the world has gone mad
  11. Has anyone pre-ordered from Mark's? I've been trying to contact them but with current restrictions it's a pain , are they taking deposits ?
  12. When will the boss realise theres more boxes of trains in the house than shoes??
  13. Albeit 450 beans, they are hard come by in good nick and boxed, people endlessly commenting how bad Lima models are is as old as the models themselves, only a few years ago most would have chomped at owning a set. New MM and irm locos are near 200 euro now, a MM gen van going for 210 smackers this week and hard times are only around the corner now such joy was had with a 90 euro 201 from Marks models!! Respect the elderly To all the Lima lovers
  14. They weren't in boxes but boxes are about, rare though, I have only managed to get 3, to get a box numbered for the coach is even harder, most were blank with exception to continental stuff. Irish boxes generally blue, no plastic on the window and made in Ireland on them. Also there is 3 versions of Irish coach.
  15. Think this poped up before, seem to recall it was a hand made example for pr pre-possibly production?! Correct me if I'm wrong
  16. Think it's coming in the stocking
  17. I love the old Lima stuff but that takes the biscuit and the esb money
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