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  1. As above , remove all the oil, general oil is a poor conductor but the need for lubrication is obvious , if you get some copper grease you'll be covered as good as you can , halfords do small tubes of it for a couple of euro.
  2. I have a number of coaches on ebay Ireland at the moment. All HDI
  3. I was lucky to spot a BT 141 for 130 buy it now, Needless to say I snapped it up 😂
  4. A lot of baby Gm's up at the moment , couple of BT 141s got 200 euros 😅
  5. More like... Buy buy buy 🤔🤣... Need to tell the courier to hide the boxes in the bush outside... Saves all the questions 😂
  6. Keitheg6


    2 boxes arrived at the home house I wonder whats inside 🙄
  7. What kind of numbers of models are you looking to produce? Same for each livery ?
  8. The arrival of another cracker see's the end to my bank account! 😂 the question i have is how do i explain all the boxes when they start appearing at the door?! 🤔😂
  9. Now a twin 121 and A class sounds like fun !!
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