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  1. DART8118

    after the A

    I remember seeing a model of this at the RDS Horse Show maybe 50 years ago. Anyone else remember that and know where the model is now? DART8118
  2. Another day that shouldn't be let pass unnoticed. 35 years old today.
  3. Truly a golden era for modellers interested in the Irish railway scene. I'll probably never get to run half of the RTR I buy this year and next, but in years to come I'm sure my grandchildren will sing the praises of those who made specialist Irish kits available and of those who had the wisdom to buy a few for leaner days. I would take six horsebox kits and maybe more - GSR or D&SER is available. 8118.
  4. Found these two notes about horses being brought to auction in Ballsbridge 1900 and 1905. So, horse trains all the way from Kildare.
  5. DART8118


    It is an unfortunate fact of railway life that there are many isolated places along the line that have the appearance of being neglected or abandoned by the railway owner. Such sites are then ‘reclaimed’ by graffiti vandals whose current work only adds to that sense of being neglected or abandoned, that is, depressing places that might be unsafe and best avoided. It's only a shot step from there to vandalising trains. The graffiti seem to be mindlessly repetitive words that sometimes seem to be meaningless. They do nothing for the train passenger experience. If only that graffiti skill and energy could be harnessed and channelled into something more artful. Perhaps then the graffiti works might be managed, limited to designated canvases and become something that might "lift the spirits" of train users. Local authorities around the world are encouraging owners to decorate property in this way. Some solutions are simple like the services boxes at street junctions around Dublin and others are very challenging like the local authority sponsored derelict wall mural paintings in Philadelphia. There are many more fine examples of such street art around the world. And then, 3D pavement art illusions take things to another level. Perhaps there is a solution in all that? https://www.muralarts.org/artworks/philly-rowing-2018/ https://www.muralarts.org/artworks/ https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=3d+pavement+art&FORM=HDRSC2 https://www.choicehotels.com/pennsylvania/philadelphia/enjoying-philadelphia-art-with-a-sports-fan Scroll down to ART ON A BIKE 8118
  6. Many thanks Jhb and no need to apologise. Replies always welcome. Good to get feedback on the shape of trains to the west. Would those you mention have been mainly passenger trains? Would they have been the Cu na Mara of CIE days? If you have any information about the evening perishable train that ran at 8:10pm from Westland Row (with limited accommodation for passengers) that would be very welcome too. Typically, what goods wagons would have been used for the perishables and if there were any special operational guidelines that applied. Would the Woolwich and 'A' class have worked the perishable train? Many thanks again. 8118
  7. Sell your duplicates and buy one of these handmade beauties while you still can. You might even be able to buy some of the duplicates back again in a few years time at a lower price.
  8. Thanks John. More great information about the transport of livestock on the railway.
  9. Thanks for sharing, great insight into railway operation and especially Leslie's cattle wagons.
  10. Leslie, great to see this wagon being modelled. Include me for 6-10 and preferably RTR. Anyone know if, besides cows and horses (I'm guessing horses)were these wagons used for transporting other livestock? Also, were there any restrictions about bringing loaded rakes through mainline stations like Westland Row? 8118
  11. Pre 1957 I have memories of travelling from Harcourt Street to Bray in a compartment coach with massive heavy doors that clicked shut with the sound of an assured safe journey. Windows could be lowered and raised using a leather strap. You could stick your head out the window and be sure to collect some soot in your eye. For a small boy it was an amazing moment to watch men turning the engine on the turntable at the end of our day out. The railway line is gone and is now part replaced by the Luas and I often use this line too. So, I sometimes think that I travelled this line as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever shall be, unless some Government Minister brings it to an end.
  12. Link to http://map.geohive.ie/mapviewer.html Type the Search Address, Heuston Station, Saint John's Road and selected it from the dropdown options From the menu on the left select Base Information and Mapping. Scroll down to select Historic Map 25 inch (1888-1913). The map will change to an earlier view of Kingsbridge Terminus and you can use the Transparency horz. scroll bar below to change from historical to current. Works a dream for all locations in Ireland. The Map Library at Trinity College Dublin will photocopy sections of these old maps for you - https://www.tcd.ie/library/map-library/ The National Library of Ireland might also have originals.
  13. Thanks John for the info and for pointing out that photo. I can see at least 2 others in that. Following up on your reply and the earlier one from josefstadt I've revisited the NLI image at http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000306673 and I can now see another of the same type. This one would also be at the approach to a facing righthand turnout. Thanks for the great advice. Have to keep searching now to find a detailed image.
  14. Many thanks for that josefstadt. Makes sense in the context of the old OS map which would suggest a righthand turnout ahead. I also have a copy of a DW&WR terminus diagram by McKenzie & Holland of Worcester. These are both of the same timeframe and I wonder now if that would be the maker's name at the bottom of the image. Unfortunately, other photos don't seem to include it. Must keep searching.
  15. It was by the south embankment wall just outside Westland Row station. Sorry about the quality of the image. Many thanks in advance. DART8118
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