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  1. Nice space, easy access and good height. Enjoy it.
  2. Nice one. Would you know what tender goes with that and how suitable is it for converting to DCC?
  3. The finished models look super. Great modelling. The 23 was the bus for getting to work in the early 60s. On 8 March 1966 the Pillar was blown up and it took me 3 hours to get to work. Spent all morning sitting in a 23 trying to get through Parnell Street and didn't arrive in work until 12 noon. When I explained to my boss, he said, 'Well it will probably take you the same to get home again', and told me I could head off after I'd had my lunch. So, I spent another few hours sitting in Parnell Street. What scale are the models?
  4. Just wondering if there is a formal specification for the font size and style for these warning signs on platforms. Apologies if this has been covered before and if so perhaps someone could point me towards the thread. TIA 8118
  5. Alan, I did have a look at the CVs that needed changing for speed matching but the factory defaults are the same for both locos and as their speed difference was so small I left things at the defaults. I also thought that a little running while in a consist formation would also help the running in process. Setting CVs is nothing to be intimidated by and will soon become part of your DCC toolkit. Does the Hornby Elite come with a manual? That should explain how to set CVs in the first place and it should also explain how to set a consist. I'm sure there must be some YouTube videos that als
  6. Another great video posting from Barrow Street. So realistic. For speed matching did you use the factory settings in CV2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 or did you set them to your own preferences? 8118
  7. Brassnut, I'm not very good at troubleshooting but I think there are still some things that, if you clarify them, folks on here will have very good advice for you. So, Did this derailment just suddenly happen or has it been building up for some time? Is it happening on just one point or does it happen on others as well? Is derailment happening when the point is set for straight running or when it is set for turnout? Is derailment happening on a point in a section of straight track or in a section of curved track? Joe Keegan asked for photographs. Any chance of some
  8. Many thanks everyone for the replies. All very helpful and informative and appreciated. I have an NCE Powercab since 2014 and have only used about 20% of its functionality. I have reduced the volume on one loco to about 40% level by adjusting CVs. If I now put that loco into a consist and later remove it from the consist would there be issues with the settings on its sound CVs? I know I lost recall settings when I reset the sound volume CVs (might have been cab CV) so just wondering if the same might happen when exiting a consist. Thanks again in advance 8118
  9. Thanks Noel. Very helpful and will look at the links. Just waiting for 121s to give this a go.
  10. What does a beginner need to know about mixing a 4-function decoder in one loco and a full sound decoder in the second loco, for mixing different decoders from different manufacturers, and for mixing locos from different manufacturers? TIA. 8118
  11. Great trainsound. Just like the real thing.
  12. Yes, that's what I did, added 1 to the value already in the CV and you can use long addresses. Wiser to do the reset on a programming track away from the main layout.
  13. Nice rail fleet, nice road fleet and a nice style with the video.
  14. Thanks Noel. I managed to get the blanking plug out just using my fingers and gently lifting/alternating one side to the other as you mention. Got the new chip fitted and then another saga began. A long day but almost there. Thinking of sitting up as shotgun all night to make sure none of the night crew gremlins do anything tonight. For all that the 121 is a super model and a super runner. some of my other locos don't stat to move until the speed get to notch 6 or 7. The 121 starts moving at notch speed 1.
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