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  1. Easy enough in the real world. No 1 cab has the Murphy Models plate and the short handrail.
  2. Copied the photo below into this thread so as not to hijack the 121 sound chip discussion. It's a super photo that shows the Murphy Models plate and thanks to DiveController for posting it. I understand that in the real world the Murphy Models plate is at the No 1 cab end. In the DCC world is that the forward cab, or the reverse cab, or does it matter? TIA 8118
  3. Thanks Controller. That's what I thought but I believed it a bit low. A real case of Mind the Gap. So, 3ft top of rail to top of platform and another foot to underside of sleeper level. Now, if I could only find out what that pole on the platform is. 8118
  4. Thanks Controller. I've no issue with the keyword search. Always seems to work fine for me and it returned loads of hits when I searched that time. It just didn't find what I was looking for, simply because it wasn't there. Any info on the main questions of my posting? 8118
  5. I found it. It wasn't on this forum it was in the current IRRS Journal. It's a 1948 photo taken at the Boston Sidings south of Westland Row station (photo © J. McCarthy Robbins – IRRS collection), Vol. 29. June 2020. No. 202, p65 and I have this crop from it. Would appreciate any information about the raised platform, particularly its height. Also, were there any ties to the supporting frames at ground level – longitudinally or horizontally. Was there any kind of ‘foundation’ that the posts or step stringers sat on? At walkway level, there is a pole left of post 3. What’s that? Many thanks in advance. 8118
  6. That cattle wagon special looks the business and fits perfectly into the layout. Master modelling of Leslie's kits and I'm sure many will be studying them in detail when assembling their own. Thanks for creating Glover's workbench and for sharing so much modelling. Informative, entertaining and high standards for the rest of us to aspire to. Will keep you in our thoughts.
  7. Now you're suckin' diesel 8118
  8. Asking for help. During the lockdown there was a photo posted here on the forum that showed rolling stock (I can't recall if it was loco, coach or goods) with a timber raised platform in the foreground. I have a mental note that it was at the Boston Sidings and despite keyword searches of the forum for Boston, sidings, DSER I can’t find it again. Any help with a link to it or a new posting would be great. 8118
  9. Thanks Warb, and it's great to have the photo showing the 2 doors in the north elevation. I take it that the dividing wall runs perpendicular to the doors? When I enlarged my first photo above I was amazed to see that the windows in the west elevation were latticed. They obviously had great pride in what they were building. Can you recall how it's finished on the inside - brick, painted, timber cladded? 8118
  10. Does anyone know what the inside of the building looks like and what it is used for today? www.google.ie/maps/@53.3425928,-6.2467118,3a,75y,89.71h,94.29t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s84Dj-YRvO2U53KLwznoM4A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 Thanks in advance 8118
  11. Models are super and I'm enjoying the daily progression. It's hard to think that this is the magnificence of our railway heritage and thanks to IRM for capturing it on this one. Getting like Bingo now. Sitting here waiting for my 2 numbers to come up. 8118
  12. Magazine stands at airports and large railway stations?
  13. A Pity there'll be no pub. The Morgue in Templeogue was central to the life of the Dublin and Blessington Steam Tram and it's still known as the Morgue. Perhaps some of this parish could share a detailed account. Maybe something for the good railway story thread?
  14. If you are including a pub in the layout will it be the Morgue in Templeogue and its story? 8118
  15. Congratulations to everyone at IRM/Accurascale. An amazing achievement.
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