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  1. Well done to Robert for designing this product and well done to Irish Railway Models for undertaking its manufacturer. Hope both parties have a clear agreement with each other to ensure a smooth passage to market! Looking forward to this product for my junction station where I will deploy one that serves four platform roads (three staircases).
  2. I'll pass on the sprouts lol I'll keep an eye out next month in case you have left over Easter eggs!
  3. Is this still available? Or did it walk off on its own lol.
  4. Do I detect crossed wires/understanding?
  5. I have also seen blue NIR Hunslet hauled ferts.
  6. I have ordered my ferts. Does anyone make a suitable load for these
  7. Thats a great picture. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Are there any pictures of St Ann's station near Tower, at the entrance to the Hydro farm? I'm interested because I lived on the Hydro site 2000 to 2002.
  9. Language dear boy. lol Seriously. I am too late for the poll but my vote woukd be the ivory with Irish Cement logo. Best wishes whatever you make. Colin
  10. The code number is the height of the rail measured in thousanths of an inch. Therefore code 100 = 100/1000 inch high (one tenth of an inch). This scales out as 7.62" in 4mm scale. Code 75 = 75/1000 inch high (Slightly more than one thirteenth of an inch high) This scales out at 5.7" in 4mm scale. Perhaps someone can advise the actual height of prototype rail for comparison.
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