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  1. Kieran i love kirley junction.Just such a beut of a layout=D
  2. Thanks Bos but i think i will go with 4. didnt Connolly have 4 until the 60s?
  3. Thanks Bos but i think i will go with 4. didnt Connolly have 4 until the 60s?
  4. Need some advice. how many roads should an engine shed serving a large terminus have
  5. Well the boards will go round the shed. each board is 10x2.
  6. This is my design for the terminus.Very rough and frankly,hideous. but its a start
  7. I know this is a big thing to ask but could someone do a kind of template for Kedliston. I just dont have autocad. Also u guys are alot more experienced than me.
  8. Chances are somewhere in every blog of mine she will show up
  9. Whats that? oh just the best of steam Eire has to offer!
  10. sorry lads no pics at the moment:((the images wont come up. anyway basic design is amiens street/glanmire road shed and a few bits and bobs. the terminus will have 2 arrival platforms 2 departure platforms 1 celtic express platform and 1 baltrane express platform. the latter is named after a great friend of mine who got me into irish railways in the firstplace but has sadly passed away.If it were not for him i wouldnt be here on this forum or into railways
  11. Thanks for all the support guys. Really appreciate it:-bd
  12. No Broithe its just my name(Kelly)and my village(Ladestown)
  13. Wont have alot up at the moment but have ordered one or two kits so stay tuned:cheers:
  14. Hi Kinarva . I hope they wont be to long. my layout is set in the early 50s . Westy is sending a kit of my beloved loco:x (guess which one!)also doing some conversions.Not great or historically accruarate but will do for now.I will post an image of a fictous 0-4-0 painted green:D Its not lined or numbered yet and is really only a testbed
  15. Hi so i am new to the forum. i am planning to build a layout in a shed that has no other purpose:).My old layout was beginning to feel to small and had only british stock:puke:also my Dad did not want any more space taken up so i am moving out.I hope to have a small terminus and engine shed.No pics yet as the boards havent even arrived!
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