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  1. So are you saying this could be a new highly efficient steam engine?
  2. Such a shame. transpotting and seeing engines getting steamed up or diesels ticking over is a thing of the past.Once at an open day in inchicore a group of boys opened 800s smokebox door and looked in! one even got in!
  3. Very true Warbonnet. We had no.4 and J15 no 184 at Mullingar. they got turned there and everything. fond memories.The engineer on no.4 let me blow the whistle. A few years later i went to look around at the old yard when i was told to leave or the gards would be called! still managed a few pictures of an old tender there.Believe off one of the latter batch of the U class.all paint gone, but amazingly the UTA crest remains!
  4. I believe another reason for steam dissapearing from ireland so swiftly was because they had still engines from the 1880s. They knew they were at a loss but its no wonder if you have something nearly a century old.they should have scrapped older locos to make enough money and space for new ones. this is what should have happened in the 30s. If you scrap an old loco you would be able to build a new one.and because of the Great Depression the prices for new locos would be lower.
  5. Yes this is tragecally true.But surely we,on this forum are proud of our industrial heritage.I mean how many turf burning locomotives were ever built?We built3 engines that is the equivelent of having a big boy in britain,yet we did it.We built the last and most modern 4-4-0s on earth. All this on a tiny island in the atlantic.I think we have done pretty well dont you think?
  6. its a real shame that so few irish steam AND vintage diesel were preserved.their are only about 30 preserved irish locos while their is hundreds of english ones (even though ireland only ever had about 1000 locos altogether)
  7. Thats a shame, as the Bandon tank were the pefect large irish tank. handsome lines too
  8. Also I know they were very reluctant to use arignas coal. Did arigna have bad quility coal? i think i heard that they did before but i am not sure
  9. Well Warbonnet it might make a difference as because sliedh gullion was handed to the UTA it was insured a longer life which gave it a chance to be preserved. I believe if more locos had just managed to the late 60s they might have been given a chance due to RPSI railtours.Also at the end of the 70s it was recoarded that some locos had very low scrap value which would have made them much cheaper to purchase by the RPSI or UFTM
  10. What would have happened if coal was,for some reason plentiful?how much longer would steam last?would the "turf burner" never been built? would more steam engines have been preserved?
  11. GSR 800

    RIP Bob Symes

    He was a great man.I remember watching one of his videos in constructing a model railway.I tried to look for more vids but could not find them anywhere.he truly was at the heart of the hobby.
  12. i would love to see this great loco come to life in 00 and 21mm gauge
  13. Another story concerned a submerged Admiralty loco 'somewhere' on the bottom of Cork Harbour. These were not, by any chance the same guys who did this.......
  14. I cant see a reason why britain would put it on rails if it was of Bullied design. But wasnt it unrealiable?
  15. Bit strange that they didnt give her a belpaire firebox.Although knowing CIE they would want an excuse to replace her with a vickers C class as soon as they could. Typical CIE never thought of the beuty of such great engines just"close as many lines and ..scrap as many steamers as possible". And now a huge chunk of NI has no railway.
  16. Lovely little model.great detail
  17. would anyone post a few pics of their 800 if they have one.also possibly the cranks and rods etc
  18. Ah but ireland will learn from their mistakes.they could have got that penalty try if they had kept it together
  19. A firm letter to CIE dont would be in order dont you think old chap?
  20. Actually their is footage of Macha pounding out of glanmire road. shed does very well by herself on a 1-68 gradient
  21. Yeh i said that because I need to let off steamPIMP
  22. We lost.But the welsh did very well.
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